Hiking and Heat!!

São Miguel was our destination this morning but not till laundry was hanging out to dry.  It’s important to take advantage of the heat !!  It was a hot one and this made the hike feel a bit more challenging than usual.  Nevertheless, we loved it.

I mentioned recently that each day for the last few weeks we have been exploring at least one, if not more, unknown roads.  Today we came across an ermida (chapel) right in the middle of literally nowhere…….such a pretty and tranquil area, nothing near it that would give any indication of why it was there.  One of those unique mysteries that we stumble on from time to time while exploring.  We are loving taking all these new routes and seeing where they end up.

We had made arrangements to eat at Snack Bar Com Tradições, today Simão had pepared Frango á olhanense, a wonderful chicken and clam dish.  Beyond yummy.


Full and happy we wound our way home to spend the balance of the afternoon relaxing on the patio, reading, music, Marc is working on his website…….all was grand in the world.

Oh!!!!! and while we were wandering home today, we think we might have found our car rental for next visit.


2 thoughts on “Hiking and Heat!!

  1. The colours are always so vibrant and beautiful…love photo of Marc in the yellow flowers! Fun!
    Now, about that car…we need to talk! Ha!Ha!


    1. Don’t worry, there will be room for you in the back of the truck!!


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