The Days They Are a Blurrin’

As the heat builds and the days lengthen we find ourselves up earlier, heading to the beach sooner and eating dinner much later…….it’s amazing how the sun affects us!! We both seem to be moving at a slower pace and are seeking shade a bit more often than is normal for us….well certainly for me!

We’ve hit the beaches twice in the last few days and the pool here at the quinta is getting much more activity, not just from us but also from a couple of the new folks who have moved in.

We enjoyed our final visit to the Olhão market on Saturday morning.  We didn’t need much, which made the wandering that much sweeter.  We could stop, look at things, people watch, enjoy a bica on a patio and then wander around again.  We did manage to purchase a huge basket of fresh raspberries and local vegetables for a soup.  The place was packed, very much hip to hip or shoulder to shoulder.

We decided to come home after the market and enjoy lunch on our patio then later in the day Marc and I walked down to visit a local art show that was opening.  We enjoyed it but it wasn’t well organized…….nothing overly spectacular but still, pleasurable to participate in something local in the village.  There was a wedding at the square and we saw this gorgeous car.


And of course, there is always something else that catches my eye.

Today was our final gypsy market of the trip.  Happily it was in Moncarapacho, a short jaunt from us, which allowed us to enjoy a lazy morning and not have to rush off.  It was chock a block full and much much larger than normal for that particular market.  I’ve been trying to find a new cap and that was our focus  No luck however, only synthetic and I won’t purchase it.

We had thrown the beach towels in the trunk, just in case and happily, they found their way to the Fuzeta beach.  There was a lovely breeze and we stayed a couple of hours soaking up the rays and people watching.  We are so fortunate to have so many beaches so close to us.

Marc went to get us some water.

We finally had enough of sun and sand and headed back home to spend the rest of the afternoon around the property.  Sundays are always quiet here and for some reason, perhaps the heat, this one felt quieter than most, and certainly a lot less traffic and people out and about.  And so, we enjoyed lunch, some skyping with friends and family and finally……..a lovely gin and tonic beside the pool,

And here we find ourselves, entrenched in routine and happiness and one week away from returning home!!  It’s going to be difficult to leave but, we will be returning and we are very much looking forward to seeing family and friends we miss so much during our time here.  Life continues to be wonderful and grand!

4 thoughts on “The Days They Are a Blurrin’

  1. You do it all well boys…


  2. The cutest, sweetest, most fun old farts I know!


  3. Randy, you will miss the markets and the beaches. And we will miss your very entertaining blog posts. Thank you for sharing your Portuguese winter once again.


    1. We will miss it for sure BUT….we’ve already booked our return flights so that makes it easier for us. Have been exploring many of the old side roads, my gosh there is so much to see and do and picnics should be the order of the day!!! Thanks for following along, and the comments.


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