Mountain Air

Cerro do Guilhim is a mountain very near to Estoi, also Guilhim is a village.

Monday morning was hot and the day threatening to become even hotter but I was somewhat determined that I wanted to hike to the top of this cerro that I had “stumbled on” a few days ago.  Marc opted to stay at home and enjoy a walk in and around the village so, off I went.  A great find and I will look forward to exploring not only this mountain trail again, but also the many others that I found stemming from it.

I love exploring the countryside and finding new opportunities, especially ones close to home.  I explored around the top and found about six other trails that are fairly obvious but all go down various sides of the mountain.  I will explore each of them next trip here as right now it is simply far too hot to hike for lengthy periods.

Once home I proposed lunch out and Marc and I decided to head to Moncarapacho to enjoy a few hours on the local square.  Cold beer had a really good ring to it with the heat.\

We sat and chatted about heading home, what our summer might look like, our upcoming trip to China, and also, returning to Portugal in the fall.  We quite love the life we live here and are grateful daily for this opportunity.    Once home, plopped in the pool and cooled down till it was time to head to our tranquil patio and ease our way into the evening.  Tough huh?

Today, Tuesday, was another mountain day.  With our friends Marion and David in tow, we headed off to Restaurante O Cantinho da Serra, in the tiny village of Bemparece.  This is high in the mountains above the village of  Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo.  It was the last thing on the list that Marc and I had prepared of things to do before we headed home.  What a wonderful excursion and how wonderful to share it with Marion and David.

Once home we simply dropped the car and headed over to the patio at Ana and Simão’s. Fortunately, they weren’t too busy at this time and able to join us for a drink and a visit.

And now, well, Marc and I are just heading back to enjoy a drink with Marion, David, Ana and Simão on the roof-top patio of David and Marion.  We supplied the lemons, the rest will come from them!!!

4 thoughts on “Mountain Air

  1. Wonderful travels and meeting up with wonderful friends…lovely weather. Wow!what more could one ask guys are really going to miss Estoi as Estoi is going to miss you as well. You guys looking great.


    1. We sure will miss our home away from home. Still, it will be wonderful to see folks at home.


  2. I think I have lipstick the colour of those lovely flowers!! I agree with Pat that your winding down days are being well spent in spite of the heat. You will be missed but not for long and your time ‘back home’ will fly by. Luckily I think you are returning to some nice weather…today was a perfect hiking day here! More to come! xoxo


    1. Now why doesn’t it come as a surprise that you have lipstick that colour.


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