Another Adventure Will Soon Begin!

On November 11th Marc and myself will be heading back to Portugal for yet another fabulous six months!!!  Actually, given we have our residency cards, we will be staying just slightly longer than six months!!  Unless we break the law, they can’t even kick us out!!!  My plan is to use this same blog site, a continuation of sorts, and this is your heads up to unsubscribe if you don’t want to receive the email notifications.

We have a wonderful six months more or less mapped out with side trips, a few visitors, (some from previous years and a few new ones).  We are both looking forward to reconnecting with our Portuguese friends, our expat friends and knowing us, making a few new friends.  We continually say that we live amazingly blessed lives, an absolute truth.   Here’s looking forward to the upcoming winter months!


4 thoughts on “Another Adventure Will Soon Begin!

  1. So looking forward to getting back to living vicariously through your blogs😊

    Be kind to one another😘



  2. Looking forward to travelling in spirit with you again this year. Maybe only in the blog but still enjoyable for me! Happy travels 🛫🛫


  3. I am looking forward to reading you and seeing all those wonderful photos of scenery, flowers, friends and food. Lucky fellas!


  4. Wouldn’t miss it!


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