Taking Care of Business

It’s truly amazing to both of us how rapidly we adapt to being here and how effortless it is to fall into our state of Portuguese zen!  This morning, after a wonderful breakfast, I headed into Olhão to organize our Portuguese phones.  I swear, within 15 minutes we had new sim cards, new phone numbers and I was on my way home.  We hit a great deal of 19,80 euros for the two phones!!!  This is for the first month then 12 euros for each month thereafter.  Makes us happy with our decision not to stay with our North American plan this go round.

Marc stayed at home to make a pot of soup as our friends Bela and Harald, from Germany, arrive early evening and we wanted to ensure they had something warm and hearty awaiting them after a day of travel.

Once home we headed off to the square for lunch…….what a day……….

The camaraderie, the banter, the fun that we all share in.  It’s truly heart-warming and one of the things that keeps pulling us back to this marvelous town.  Lunch was amazing, as always.

Today was sunny and very warm, around 23 degrees.  After lunch Marc and I headed back to the quinta, he opted to stay at home and read while I decided to change into my hiking shoes and head off for a lovely jaunt all around the village.  I was chomping at the bit to explore and see what might be new, what had remained the same and of course, check out the flora and fauna.  I was not disappointed at all.

Despite having been here many times I truly find new things to see, to photograph and certainly, to enjoy and share.

An enjoyable day to say the least………I have only one thing to say in closing…….

Beware the Boogy Man


8 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business

  1. The flowers are gorgeous. I especially love the Lantanas.


    1. So much beautiful colour here right now. This is the earliest we have come to Portugal and consequently, are seeing some things we have never seen before.

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  2. Excellent photos. The familiarity of many made me smile.


  3. Beautiful photos! I don’t think I will ever tire of the sights, sounds and smells of Portugal. You two truly are blessed 😉


    1. That we are!!! It’s amazing to be back here and to continue to have the opportunity to explore this area in more depth. Something new every day.


  4. Love your blog, it is so rich in colour, not only in the flora but in the comments as well. My attempt at growing lantana this past summer pales sadly to your lovely photos! If you haven’t already, please give Ana and Simao a hug from me….I am counting the days until I arrive! I am salivating already, so many delicious dishes! A trip to a Portuguese bakery today in Hamilton had a pasteis de nata save me! Ha!Ha!


    1. I can see you here now……we’re probably going to have to drag you on the plane to go home by May 17th!!!


  5. Great photos and love the picture of the goat!


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