Lazy, Languid, Lovely Day

Today we woke at our normal time feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.  A good sign as for us it means the jet lag is totally behind us!!  The sun was valiantly trying to burst through the cloud cover and happily, had great success.

Following breakfast, we headed into the hillside road for a lovely long walk……oohing and ahhing over all the things in bloom, the glorious scents in the breeze and delighting in our ability to be here for yet another period of time.

We must have walked for about two hours as it was almost lunch time when we arrived back at the quinta.  We had already ordered lunch at Snack Bar Com Tradiçoes so a quick hand wash and off we headed.

Extremely delicious and as always, a lot of food.  I am on my usual kick of eating only a few french fries…I’ve upped my quota to 10 this year from my 8 last year!!!  Sitting in the square, visiting with Ana and Simão, who are busy working but take time to stop by our table and visit when possible.  The sun shining down on us, I actually purred today, and  wonderful greetings from locals who recognize us.  It doesn’t matter that they don’t speak English and us Portuguese we manage to have a laugh together and the affection, it’s a gift!  And speaking of that……..


We sent an email tonight requesting one on one lessons in Portuguese, twice a week each and separately.   Perhaps in time we can enjoy actually being able to converse, albeit probably with continued sign language, but a few words in the Portuguese language.  Also it helps provide a tiny bit of structure to our week.

Walking home from lunch we decided to take a photo of our friends, Marion and David’s lovely home just off the main square.  It’s a lovely typical style from this area.  We’ve been privileged to see the interior, which is quite lovely AND enjoy a gin and tonic or two on the rooftop patio with their extraordinary views.


Late in the afternoon we did a laundry, which is almost dry in the sun and breeze and finishing off in the spare bedroom.  We took a trip into Moncarapacho to pick up a couple of things and Marc has prepared us an aromatic stew of porco preto…black pork, which we’ll devour in moments.  A grand and wonderful day………….the pace and the tranquility I wish for all the people in my life.

And finally, this lovely tiny flower……….not a whole lot bigger than a thumb nail…….but just look at the majesty of Mother Nature.


10 thoughts on “Lazy, Languid, Lovely Day

  1. Ah Randy…just got in from a sudden heavy snow shower…sat down with hot tea and basked in your adventures….it takes me away for a sweet very short moment……thank you🌞


    1. I’m so happy I could be of assistance!!!! One of these days you should come here and bask in some of it in person??? Big Hugs from Portugal.


  2. How lovely! You guys are settling in nicely at your second home. Carry on living the dream.xx


    1. Is there any other way? LOL WE are so grateful for this life we get to live. Can’t wait for you to be here and share in it.


  3. I think the trees have it backwards, they should drop their caps and keep their nuts!!


    1. LMAO….couldn’t agree with you more!!!


  4. November in the Algarve looks a new adventure. Reading your post was Iike poetry for my heart and soul, and the photos delightful.


    1. Thanks Bonbon. We are delighted to be having this “new” experience in the Algarve. It really is amazing how much difference a few weeks can make. You’ll be here soon enough. We are already planning a few social engagements for you!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A few social engagements….how exciting!


  5. Yes!!! Are you able to send me (in an email) the dates that your company is arriving and leaving as well as yours and Ken’s departure date. I have your arrival but for some reason I did not note the departure.


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