Market Day in Olhão

These last few days have simply flown by for us.  We’ve been heading out right after breakfast for a lovely long walk.  Yesterday we took a favourite route from last year, just to see if anything was new.  With being here a bit earlier this year we are fortunate enough to see a few things that we normally miss.  One of those is the harvesting of the olives.


All along our route we continued to see people, mostly elderly couples, out with their nets and their rakes gently shaking the olives from the trees then packing them in large bags probably to take to market and have pressed into their own supply of olive oil for the year ahead.  We both continue to derive great pleasure from seeing the trees, bending in an array of multicoloured olives.  To our eye, it seems to be quite the crop with the olives much larger than we’ve noticed in other years.

One of the benefits of our lengthy walks, aside from the obvious exercise, is the building up of appetite!  By the time we return home we are usually very close to lunch time, which means we simply wander over to the square, find the sunny spot and sit to enjoy a fabulous meal that feels as if it’s been prepared just for us!

After lunch I decided to hop in the car and go visit old friends, Sarah and Henrique, they are the owners of the farm I used to rent the first few years I came to Portugal.  Happily they were home and we had a marvelous visit for a couple of hours, catching up, sharing stories and afterwards I filled my bag with lemons, grapefruit, a large ripe breadfruit and returned home again.   Marc had been enjoying the roof top patio with his art work.


Today, being Saturday, we woke excited to know we would be heading off to Olhão for our first market.  We had been anxious to go as we like to support the local farmers with our purchase of fresh honey, olives, and of course, produce.   We took our time and wandered, chatting with some of the vendors, checking out what was available today, slowing down to breath in the lovely salt air, it was high tide and the gulls were having a heyday!  I would be remiss if I didn’t say that the only thing missing at the market for us today was the presence of our friend Gwen McCauley!  We looked forward to seeing her here each Saturday morning.  Hopefully again next year….hey Gwen!

We discovered a brand new Continente grocery store very near the market and stopped in as we needed to stock up on some vino before heading home.   I of course, was totally tempted by other things……but I resisted….


On our way back from the store we spotted something I haven’t seen in a couple of years, and Marc had not seen before…..

We had pre-ordered our lunch today and were salivating thinking of the oven roasted pork.

Ana and Simão are both very happy as their daughter, Joana, is home for the weekend.  Big hugs and greetings were our appetizer!!

And now, it’s 17h00, I just hung up a load of laundry, we have a fire on even though it’s not cold, more for ambience.  I see wine in my future and later, a lovely stirfry with turkey for dinner.   The Canadian Boys are very happy.

A gorgeous finely carved brass handle on our laundry room door.IMG_4221

8 thoughts on “Market Day in Olhão

  1. Love the stories and pictures. Thank you for taking us along on this great journey.


    1. Won’t be whole lot longer and your smiling face will probably be in a few of these blogs………


  2. Great photos once again of flora & friends! Nice to see you went to the market, as I thought you might.


    1. We love our Saturday morning markets, especially the one is Olhao. I’m thinking that when you are here, I might take you there and see who much I can get for you!!


  3. LOL! Just remember I don’t come cheap…! Hope you do better than Pat when we were at the Sweets Festival..ha!


  4. I loved your blog today! Every day I learn something new, enjoy the extraordinaire foliage and your frequently amusing commentaries and anecdotes and the food….devours me! I can’t wait to be with my two favourite sidekicks in their glorious home away from home! 🤗🤗


    1. Gee, I guess this means you’re going to expect us to take you to some of those same places? Sigh…..

      I have a couple of good walks planned for you so please don’t forget your cleats!


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