Sunshine on my Shoulders!

Given today’s forecast was for rain, what a delightful surprise to wake up to find blue skies and abundant sunshine.  Not ones to lose the moment, we finished up our breakfast of oatmeal accompanied with Marc’s fruit compote of mango/pear/apple, then took the scenic route………mountains……..with a destination of Praia do Barril….Barril Beach.

Last year when we headed home the beach was under pretty heavy construction to try and diminish further erosion.  Happily it’s all been finalized and that, along with some reconstruction of the dunes, has left a pristine finished product.  We noticed several other changes as well in terms of additional signage, in several languages along with a paint job or two.

Off came the shoes, toes in the warm sand, and a long leisurely walk ensued.

We walked quite a length of beach and Marc announced he was going to lay in the sand and relax, I continued for another stretch then returned to find him.   I consider these next photos a study in human nature……….from the sublime to the ridiculous perhaps?

We both agreed that this was a perfect way to celebrate our first week of being here.  We are both lovers of the smell and sound of the sea, and despite the odd fisherman, a few children shrieking happily as they danced around the waves and yes, a single set of sunbathers, it felt as though we had it all to ourselves.

A side trip into Tavira to pick up a few things at the grocery then home where we enjoyed lunch on our rooftop terrace then a walk to a nearby cafe for our afternoon bica.  It’s fun to discover new places.

It’s just about 16h30 here.  The afternoon quietness if deafening, the only thing breaking the silence is the birds, flitting about trying to find last-minute snacks before calling it an evening.  Tonight I will prepare our first piripiri chicken, a lovely bottle of Mula Velha premium awaits!


4 thoughts on “Sunshine on my Shoulders!

  1. I am absolutely envious. Marc looked totally relaxed lying in the sand. Great pics, as always. Chuckled at the nudies; the look on his face said he wasn’t thrilled at being photographed.


    1. I’m not certain he knew I was taking a photo. I used my 50 times zoom and I was quite a distance away. That’s one of the things I love about my camera. And yes, Marc was a total blob…..I startled him when I cleared my throat to ensure he knew I was close!!!


  2. I shall have sweet dreams tonight of plunking myself down in the sand, fully clothed! Ha!Ha! A 50 times zoom…OMG, you could be dangerous to some unsuspecting ‘Blond’! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why do you think I’m practicing right now??? I’m perfecting my shake!!! LOL


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