Hunting Season Has Opened

In all the years I have been coming here my one dream has been to “stumble on” a wild boar whilst hiking!!!  Have I seen a boar here outside of restaurant menus?  That would be a resounding NOPE.  So today, my official wild boar hunting season has started!  Armed with my camera and one of my hiking poles (for protection) I headed into the mountains for my first hike of the trip and my first official “spot a boar”.

It was a warm but cloudy day, the skies a little gray and the threat of rain in the not too distant future.  I ended up being a little overdressed, especially with the demanding uphill climb, yet enjoyed each moment of the hike.

The mountain path was peppered with olives, medronho and carob pods.  The colour at times was astounding with the various fruits intermingled on the ground and with those still clinging to the trees.  I’ve long since learned that photos never pay them justice so I decided to simply enjoy seeing them myself……..other than one clump

IMG_4253It was incredibly quiet in the mountain today.  Frequently you can hear cars off in the distance but not today.  The birds were plentiful and one magpie, they can be so elusive to the camera lens, was fairly curious and followed me for quite some distance flitting in and out of the branches and grumbling about my presence.  I found myself stopping from time to time just to close my eyes and breath in the moment.  Loved every moment.

When I arrived at the top of the mountain trail I suddenly remembered that a couple of folks had asked me to include a few photos of the views and so…..I took these next three standing in one spot……they should overlap but my camera doesn’t have a panoramic function but you can use your imagination.

Once I’m up the top, the going down on the other side of the mountain is a small roughly paved mountain road, I think it might be paved as there is one house at the very top….a driveway if you will!  All along both sides of this road is ancient farmland and forest.  It was probably at one time lush and impeccably cultivated.  Today it is left to Mother Nature for the most part and consequently, falling in on itself in places.  To my eye, it’s still quite beautiful and having the various fruit-bearing trees lining it, almost as if lined with Christmas trees.

I am always happy that I love walking so much.  You get to see things from such a different perspective and it’s free!!  I was gone from home about and hour and a half and once back we got ourselves organized to head off to the square for lunch.  I had preordered todays prato do dia…….not one of Marc’s favourites….he opted to order off the menu.

And today, Marc’s first dessert since arriving here over a week ago.  He chose well, a sweet potato roll….

The rain continued to hover somewhere off in the distance and we knew it was only a matter of time before it reached us.  With full bellies we headed back to our warm and cozy quinta, we both had projects we were working on and figured we would head back to the square for another visit and an afternoon drink around 17h00 or so.

Sipping tea, a warm fire burning in the woodstove, they both made it difficult to head off for our 17h00 rendezvous but, we look forward to seeing Ana and Simão as by this time they are usually not busy and they can join us in an aperitif and a visit.  We look forward to it.

A great visit, always a laugh or two then with a borrowed umbrella……the five minutes or so walk to home and the warmth of the woodstove………a fabulous meal and a good vino.  We have zero complaints……and to boot……..a present from Simão….something he has given us for the last three years of being here…..his amazing home made piri piri sauce. Obrigado Simão.



12 thoughts on “Hunting Season Has Opened

  1. You had me! I was positive you were going to say you saw a wild boar. Lol
    Sounds like another lovely day in paradise.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The day I actually see one in the mountains here in Portugal…..You’ll probably hear me in Virginia!!!!


  2. Rand…we’re going to have to hike this route at least once a week. And yes, Beverly…I was expecting a boar.


    1. It was incredibly beautiful today. Many changes….some land leveled and being prepared for something…….lots of erosion including an entire hillside down on the path. Lots of critter poop but no critters!!!! Can’t wait to have you here with me to explore. I did bring my poles this year but have been using only one as a sort of walking stick.


  3. Loved your hike, took me back to the Camino! Hopefully you will spot that wild boar, can’t wait to see one myself! Great photos as usual.


    1. Thanks Debbie…I won’t give up till I find one!


  4. I know I haven’t been commenting on your blogs like I normally do, nevertheless, you can be sure I am following along with each post you write. 🙂

    I too thought for sure you were going to advise us that you’d finally stumbled upon a wild boar!!! Now the pressure is on, we’re all going to expect your wild boar experience to happen.

    Beautiful pictures and descriptions of your hike today. Reading about your adventures takes me away on a mini vacation, away from the reality of the cold and snow I live in. That’s worth many thank yous.

    As always, I await my next vacation. 🙂

    Love and hugs to you both.


    1. I am happy that you are distracted from reality, even for a moment or so. Maybe some day you’ll make it here with us. Love back fro both of us.


  5. It is easy to live vicariously through your blogs; your style of writing places me right beside you. Now, had there been a wild boar, you would only seen my backend high tailing it outta there! The only wild boar I want to see is on my plate! Thanks for the great blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was thinking I could use YOU as bait for one of my “hunting expeditions “ once you arrive.


  6. I thought for sure you were going to be having pork chops for dinner 😜


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