Our First Portuguese Movie Theatre

Today, Thursday, is our first rainy day.  We don’t mind that for several reason.  Number one reason was, we were wanting to go and see  Monstros Fantásticos: Os Crimes de Grindelwald…Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.  A rainy day would make that possible as frankly, I refuse to be inside on the days it is not possible to be outside.  Number two, we love the green and colour of the countryside and this lovely rain will make that happen for us and finally……..Number 3…….the car was full of mud!!!!   LOL

We totally enjoyed the film and both of us surprised and delighted with the fact that they have in intermission to go and do “whatever” for 10 minutes!!  How civilized.  For me it meant simply sitting back and thinking about what I had seen to that point.  For Marc, an opportunity to go and purchase popcorn!!

Now, safely tucked away at home, lovely fire in the woodstove, hot tea beside us and music to make our toes tap.  Life is wonderful as always.

Yesterday we opted to simply hang out at home, do laundry, enjoy a walk around the village, lunch in the square and a quick jaunt to the grocery.

I arrived at the square for lunch a bit before Marc.  We had, as usual, pre-ordered and Elsa, seeing that I was alone…..decided I needed a tiny morsel or so to “hold me over” till Marc arrived……yes, a kabob of six french fries!!!!


Lunch was delicious…….a traditional pork and beans dish for me……pizza for Marc

The restaurant is not that busy right now, in fact the entire village is very quiet………the Prato do Dia is sold out each day however as many of the locals do “take away”, they preorder, come and pick it up then head home to eat.  I suspect it would be impossible to prepare such wonderful meals at home in the portion size they require as well as for price.  On days like this, even Ana get’s a break from time to time.


Like me, she too must have been a cat or a lizard in a previous life!


We ended our evening with being invited for a lovely visit with our neighbours/friends Harald and Bela.  Great and fun conversation, good wine, all kinds of marvelous munchies and a warming fire.  The fact that we could literally walk there in our slippers, well that simply added to the fun!!!

2 thoughts on “Our First Portuguese Movie Theatre

  1. Lovely blog today. I remember the first time we went to a movie in Tavira and the intermission started. I thought the projection equipment died 😜


    1. Precisely our reaction!! It was quite amusing.

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