Exploring The Unknown

Today was our first “gypsy” market here in the Algarve, at Santa Catherina da Fonte do Bispo….we both love saying that outloud, really fast!!!  Although we loved it, we were also disappointed with the turn out of vendors, very low, probably because of the potential for rain.  Didn’t deter us from going, wandering aimlessly and smiling broadly like two Cheshire Cats!

Other than a couple of tea towels, we didn’t purchase anything.  We truly went for the pleasure of being there and the people watching.   As we left we took a small, previously unexplored side road.  We’ve long since discovered that nothing here runs in a straight line and this was no exception.   What a gorgeous route.

We spent about 4o minutes on a steep, tiny winding road.  Up and down the sides of the mountain, skirting around heavily flowing rivers.  Valleys green and lush and orchards cascading in every direction on the hillsides.  We were both in our glory and joked that we knew of two particular people who would not have been happy in the car with us for one single second given their propensity for fear of heights……FB and GS……you’ll know who you are!!

This beautiful bush, for sure related to the honeysuckle, was in full bloom right on the side of the road.

One of our objectives this year is to explore more roads like this.  Branch out and let ourselves get temporarily “confused” as honestly, we are never really lost.  I would have liked to have gotten out a few times today but the road, which was a two way road, and we did encounter other vehicles, was a bit too narrow to safely park on.  We simply enjoyed the drive, oohhed and aahhed over all the spectacular views then wound our way back to Estoi for lunch.

These folks, who are a part of a much larger group, had just finished a fundraiser for the Rotary Club.

And so another day in our lives is coming to a close.  We ran an errand in Olhão…had to get an HDMI cable to connect the lap top to the television in order to watch some Netflix!  Threw on a laundry (me), started a fire in the woodstove (Marc) and just in the last few minutes, popped open a bottle of vino and cranked up the music.  Life, as we know it, is beyond grand.


4 thoughts on “Exploring The Unknown

  1. I love the orange/red coloured canaries. Problem is, it’s because of a colouring they add to the food that gives them that shade. They normally add it to the food of the males as it’s the male canary that does the singing. Many places stopped adding the colouring as it’s not really needed and there was a worry that it ‘could’ be harmful to the bird. I love the songs of the canary, you can teach it many different songs just by playing music for them.
    I can almost hear the laugh that would come from the woman with the pashminas. LOL

    The veal dish looks amazing. I don’t eat veal personally, but that does look good.

    Love to you both.


    1. I didn’t know that about the birds. Sad really, especially if it harms them. Yes, Pashmina woman was fun…..she gave me a big toothy grin when I jumped and continued to stick her head out as if to pose for me.


  2. Let’s make a few of those detours happen…what fun! Carry on living the dream. You guys are filling th most into each day.


    1. We have promised ourselves to do this on a regular basis………what I would really enjoy is not only getting “lost” but then stopping the car and getting out to explore the hillsides on foot…..you game?


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