And The Beat Goes On

I must truly be in my zen place as I  have to keep asking, “what day is this” and “what did we do yesterday”?   Another good reason for me to keep doing a blog……so I can look back and see what I’ve been up to!!

Yesterday Marc and had decided on a visit and walk on the Faro Beach.  The weather was perfect for it but because we weren’t going to head off until about 10h30, I headed off for a lovely walk in the Estoi area.  I never quite know where I am headed when I leave the house, I let it happen organically and as it turns out, my walk yesterday took me across the highway and up the winding road to Bordeira, about 5 kms from home.  It’s a bit of a busy country road but nevertheless, I enjoyed it. I looped down around the main road around Estoi when heading home as I was trying to get my steps in for the day!

This lovely patch of roses is just at the entrance to Estoi, we drive past it all the time


I did clock in all my steps which meant anything we did at Faro would be a bonus……which translates into the possibility of another glass of vino!!!  LOL

The beach was gorgeous, all the damage from last year repaired and the sand pristine and level.   Here are two photos, taken when we arrived…….I stood in one spot and took them in each direction.

How happy we were to be here, the sound of the surf much louder than the waves seemed to demand.  We strolled along enjoying the sunshine and simply reveling in the fact that we were actually there.   We already have so many wonderful memories of this place…picnics with friends, lunches on the patio at Wax with some many different friends, long walks on the beach and then there was the time Marc lost his glasses!!

Lunch time rolled around and we decided to stop at a place we had wanted to visit, nearer to home than Faro, so we headed off.  Sadly the short story is, we sat and waited at this very busy place and we were basically ignored so……we finally got up and left and ended up in Estoi at Cantina da Lili’s……..

All in all, a glorious day.   The afternoon culminated in both of us on the roof top terrace, me with my ipod, Marc with his painting.  The warmth of the sun was lulling and comforting and I think we both carried it with us for the balance of our evening as we were both wanting to head to bed early.     Grand Day it was!

Today, Tuesday, was a dream day for me. There is a hike I’ve been wanting to do for about three years and I had asked Harald if he would consider accompanying me on this particular hike……more like “lead me” as I knew he had already completed it.   He had agreed and so, at 9h30, off we headed for the Rocha da Pena Trail.   Marc and Bela were going to enjoy an “artists day” of chit chat, creativity and goodness knows what else.

This is a reasonably demanding trail which is a loop, the exact type of hike I enjoy.  It’s a steep climb initially, 479 meters (1571.52 feet) but the views, the greenery, the scents and sounds are more than enough to distract you from the beads of sweat breaking out on your brow.  I truly was in my glory and Harald, a perfect hiking companion.  We enjoy wonderful conversation throughout our time together but we both equally appreciate the silence of each other.  I won’t go on about it but will simply post a few photos that hopefully allow you to appreciate the majesty and beauty of the day.

The trail was so varied. Steep climb to the plateau,  mixed woodland with oaks and junipers,  stone walls, and semi cultivated farm land leading down the opposite side towards Penina.   The guidebook said 6.4 kms but I don’t know what they measured as my FitBit clocked off 10.2 kms from the car to the car!!

Once we returned to the car park we decided to have a tea at the tiny cafe then do the second small trail that lead to ruins of windmills, another 2.8 kms.

What a day.  Vielen dank Harald.  You’ve helped make my day, which in turn, will be handed down to a few of our visitors this coming season.   By the time we had finished, 16.4 kms, much of it demanding, had been hiked.

Of course, we were hungry and a stop in Salir at for lunch was just the thing.

Refueled we climbed back in the car and headed for home, me completely content and filled with immense joy from my day of hiking with Harald.   A final photo to close out.

As we ate lunch, in a very packed restaurant, we couldn’t help but notice an older gentleman who had finished his lunch and was enjoying a tiny siesta before he continued with his day…… he didn’t topple over is beyond me.



10 thoughts on “And The Beat Goes On

  1. Love it ! Love it! So happy you finally made the Plena hike. Looking forward to it. But I think we might leave the smaller one for another time???


    1. You’re gonna love it but I do think it best to do both back to back as this is “out of the way” and probably not a place you’ll go back to. The Pena da Rocha was a bit more demanding that I thought but some of that was due to recent overnight rains. Fabulous hike!


  2. What a great way to spend a day, love your hiking photos. My Fitbit often clocks fewer kms than Fred’s GPS watch but was almost dead on when I walked with poles on the Camino – go figure!


    1. Maybe it has something to do with arm movement??? I know that I went into the program and I set every stride element that I could, as accurately as I could. I love it, it motivates me. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Great blog…your exuberance and joy clearly shines though your comments and photos at having your dream come true! Good for you, sounds like you have a very willing future hiking partner as well.
    I am starting to feel like that poor fella hovering over the table for a short siesta! Hot toddy time!


    1. Marc and I will do our best to make sure you do not fall asleep in any restaurants while here. We cannot however be responsible for sunny terraces!!!


  4. Wow…it looks like you had an awesome day hiking with Harald and you captured it beautifully!


    1. Thanks Bonnie. You would love this particular hike. Saw much evidence of wold boars but probably a week or so early for seeing them as the acorns are still clinging to the trees,a and they love to eat them. Another week or so and I’ll have to go back!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. When you go back, carry a big stick haha


  5. I’ve brought my two walking sticks with me this year……..they will work well as kabobs when I skewer one of them!!!


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