Mellow Monday

Today was filled with simply being in Estoi and living life!!  Laundry, my Portuguese lesson, a walk, a little house-cleaning, lunch at home, a couple of errands and a drive into Fuzeta to enjoy a bica beside the sea, grocery stop then home again.  Sunny, warm and perfect.

A wonderful day…..and as you can see from above…..the flamingos are back!!!  Hope your Monday was as grand and relaxing as ours.

7 thoughts on “Mellow Monday

  1. Well! On my mellow Monday, I enjoyed a walk through the Public Gardens on a perfect balmy day with a friend. Some shopping, lunch at the Italian Market and a leisurely stroll through an art gallery in Hydrostone. Mondays can be amazing.xx truly grateful.


    1. Good for you. It’s grand to get out and live life instead of letting it pass you by. That’s probably why we are friends. Waiting to hear about last nights party.


  2. I didn’t see any flamingos. I hope you are not calling Marc a flamingo!!


  3. Lovely flora! I especially liked the Poinsettia and the Dutchman’s Pipe.


    1. Yes, we are so fortunate to enjoy all this colour and beauty every day.

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      1. It wasn’t until my first trip to Portugal that I saw a large Poinsettia bush. I was only familiar with the small variety we see at Christmas. I remember it like yesterday. It was when you took me to the castle in Tavira. I’m still in awe each time I see them.

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