The Days Zip Along

We have been enjoying such warmth and sunshine these past few days that I personally, am feeling like a lazy slug!   I love the pace we are keeping daily, easy mornings, activity from mid-morning till late afternoon then leisurely lazy evenings.

Yesterday, Tuesday, we headed off for the Faro beach to enjoy the sounds of the sea and simply relax in the sand.   WOW, what a surprise.  Although there was little wind, the waves were enormous and the sea at times came right up to the dunes and finally, out into the parking lot!!!  I’ve never seen anything like it before.  We actually had to take our towels and move into the dunes to avoid getting washed over by the waves.

Our friends, Harald and Bela met us on the patio at Wax, a restaurant we all enjoy, for a lazy lunch.

We ran a couple of errands on the way home but otherwise, complete slugs!!

This morning we had determined we would enjoy a walk before I headed off for my Portuguese lesson.  I had mentioned a small looped route I found the other day and Marc wanted to take it, and that’s what we did.  He thoroughly enjoyed it as it keeps us off the main route for most of the time.  Much more tranquil thas some we do.

Right after our walk, I finished my Portuguese homework from Monday then headed off for today’s class.  I am loving the experience of learning something new… clears the cobwebs out of my brain.  My instructor is charming and pleasant and that adds to the pleasure.

Priscilla Nunes my Portuguese teacher.

I don’t know if it was the walk, the concentration on my studies or a combination but by 13h00, I was ravenous!!!  Good thing we had already ordered lunch and Marc was waiting for me, wine glass already full!


A lazy stroll home, me music and a tiny snooze, Marc is working on a submission and is immersed in that activity when time allows.  And now we find ourselves at the hour of the evening meal and realizing yet another day as slipped out from underneath us.

6 thoughts on “The Days Zip Along

  1. Another glorious day!! That calzone looked so good. I could have helped you finish the other half…..If I had been there. Hope the lessons are going well. XO to you both.


    1. I would gladly have shared it. Way to much for one……filled with cheeses, pineapple, spicy ham and tomato.


  2. Extraordinary cover photo! I’ll be interested in hearing more about your Portuguese lessons when we arrive. The thought of learning a little of the language is appealing to me.


    1. Having already learned another language as an adult, this is much less stressful. Also, my reasons for doing this are born out of a different motivation than the last, hence my approach is much more laid back with different expectations.

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  3. Portugal must be on the receiving end of our weather last. NS experienced high winds and storm surges. Weather looks amazing though and so nice to get to Wax and enjoy eating outside there. I can see cinq et sept in our future!


    1. I too see a few cinq a sept in your future!


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