Parque da Fonte Férrea

OK, don’t hate me when I tell you it was 26 degrees here today!!!!!  What a truly magnificent treat, totally unexpected.

Our friends, David and Marion, had mentioned a nearby park to us, which we had attempted to find without success so this morning I sent Marion a FB message and she was kind enough to send me a link that contained the GPS co-ordinates.  We were set!

The park is only about 15 minutes from here and I can’t tell you how delighted we were to find it.  Acres of eucalyptus forest, cork trees, pines, a river, the Alportel, and I swear, a million medronho trees in various stages of fruit or flower.  The scents were almost unbearable they were so intense, especially the eucalyptus.  As they say, a photo says a thousand words.

We followed three different trails, each one for about 30 minutes.  In each situation, it was the steep incline that deterred us from continuing as the trail was a bit wet.  I can’t wait to return and explore it in different circumstances.  Next time I will certainly wear long pants as in places the trail is dense with flora and narrow.

Once saturated we headed into Sao Bras to hit Intermarche (they carry a particular wine we like) then decided to head back to Estoi for lunch.

All that exercise, combined with good and plentiful food, we headed home for a bit of siesta with plans to return later.  We love the routine of going back to enjoy an aperitif with Ana and Simão.  Things start to wind down for them around 17h00 which is perfect for us and the traditional cinq à sept….which is a French term for activities taking place after work, and before returning home or having dinner.

And now we have returned home, dinner is being prepared as I type……..I think I just heard the pop of the wine bottle…..that means it’s time to head downstairs.    And speaking of wine bottles……I saw a bunch of drunks in the square as I was leaving tonight…….


6 thoughts on “Parque da Fonte Férrea

  1. LOL at the bunch of drunks in the square Sometimes ya just can’t avoid them.

    The park looks lovely!! What a great place to wander and it’s so close by too. I’d love to have all those scents around me!

    I bet those four ladies would love a hike with you Randy. LOL

    Lovely pictures, keep it coming.


    1. Yes those drunks have been hanging around that square a lot recently!


  2. What a wonderful ‘my kinda day’! I really felt I was in that park with you….love the fact it is close, with so much to test the senses and the varied spots for a shady reprieve. Gotta love that weather!
    Photos were great as always, love the header with Marco on the bridge. As far as the drunks at the restaurant, I will reserve any comment for fear I may be one of them in the near future! xoxo


    1. Is there any question as to whether or not you will be one of them?


  3. Parque de Fonte Férra looks lovely. We are looking forward to checking it out!


    1. Something for everyone there. Fabulous place for a picnic also.

      Liked by 1 person

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