Market Day

A warm sunny Saturday, perfect day to head into Olhão, enjoy a leisurely walk along the promenade beside the sea, which was somewhere between high and low tide this morning.  The market was quite busy and buzzy.  Much sound and scent with loads of activity.  We didn’t need a lot but we did have a couple of recipes in mind for this evening and tomorrow.  Armed with grocery list in hand, off we wandered.

Armed with our purchases, we headed home to put it all away and head to the square for lunch.  We had pre-ordered as today was going to be one of our favourites and this was the first time Simão had prepared it since our arrival………

The square was quiet for a Saturday, which meant that Ana and Simão were able to sit with us for a little while, always enjoyable as we share a similar sense of humour!!

We had bought a few small decorations and a poinsettia yesterday, something to add a little festivity to the apartment.  While I curled up with my book on the terrace, Marc allowed his creative side free reign.  The place looks great………and so, with freshly laundered sheets on the bed…yes I did laundry first thing this morning…..fresh produce and homemade sausages for dinner……..a bottle of vino with our name on it……and a lovely fire set….just waiting for the match…….our future looks rosy!

8 thoughts on “Market Day

  1. So boys . . .tough to see your glorious trip to my favourite market when we’ve had another dump of snow! AND I see you went for cranberry beans when last year you swore by butterbeans?? What’s up?


    1. hello mon amie……..I don’t have to tell you that we speak of you constantly, especially on Saturdays at the market…’s still referred to as “Gwen’s table”!! No butter beans today, the bin was empty!!!


  2. Looking forward to our Portugal visit. Keep up the great posts and pics. Great work.


    1. Thanks Ken……we are looking forward to you both being here.


  3. I loved the colourful photos from the market, especially the ones of the oranges and peppers!

    I’m curious so now I’m Googling butter beans and cranberry beans.


    1. We saw another fabulous looking bean today….a crazy green colour. We’ve both forgotten the name but that’s our next purchase.

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  4. Doesn’t get any better than today’s post! Love the bright colours, the fresh ‘everything’ of the market and the glorious sun! Dare I say I am counting the days! ✈️


    1. Today (Sunday) is THE big Estoi market. For that one you’re going to go mad. We’ll have to purchase a wheelbarrow to get your things from their to the quinta!


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