Our Non Winter Wonderland

Another beautiful morning and yet another delightful walk for me.  Marc had something to work on at home (cleaning the bathroom is work!!!) and so I headed off to enjoy the sunshine, the birds and the Portuguese countryside.

It was an interesting walk for me as the “hills were alive with the sound of gypsies”!!  It’s that time where the medronho and olives that are not already picked are being clandestinely picked by the gypsies.   I could hear them in the trees and bushes but as I neared, they remained very quiet so as not to be caught.  I could see the carts hidden in the bushes and so I would clear my throat to give them warning of my presence.  Silence after that.  Quite frankly, good for them for picking and selling what will fall on the ground.  At least it’s an honest day living as picking these things is not an easy task.

Marvelous walk followed by a wonderful lunch in the square and a fun visit with our friends Susie and Gus.  We haven’t seen much of them since our arrival here which made it enjoyable to spend some time and catch up.  We also had the pleasure of meeting more of their friends and our social circle grows.


Marc and I had decided to head into Olhão after dark to have a look at the Christmas lights.  We parked the car and walked through several of the main streets as well as many winding roads in the old part of town, eventually arriving at the waterfront.  Veery beautiful.  I like that they use primarily white lights and not multitudes of colours.  Very elegant looking.

Thoroughly enjoyed the meanderings and the lights.  It was warm and balmy, which made looking at Christmas lights amusing for us.  Also, to enjoy Olhão at night was a lovely experience.  You see things differently that you do by day and in our case, found a few new places……a tiny bar in particular that we will revisit.

This lovely mobile was part of an art exhibition we stumbled on.

I am frequently amused by the various signage we see indicating…..banheiro….bathroom  This one made me smile.


8 thoughts on “Our Non Winter Wonderland

  1. What a delightful post. The streets in Ohlão look wonderful and have come alive with the Spirit of Christmas! I also appreciated seeing the bathroom signs. How very original 😜


    1. Yes, Olhao looks lovely, actually all the little towns are starting to glitter and shine. I appreciate so much that they wait till after the first week of December to start putting everything up….you don’t get tired of it.

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  2. that was a wonderful idea to stroll through Ohlao at night and take in the wonderful light displays. Not missing the snow?

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  3. Lovely pictures. Just managed to figure out how to comment in WordPress thanks to help from Bonnie. Looking forward to our visit in January.


    1. A special email coming your way later when I upload my photos


  4. It’s nice to know they are back doing lighting these days. I think LEDs make it affordable. After the big market crash in 2010 it was pretty sad to see how they all pretty much stopped! So lovely. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Everything is looking quite festive but in a classy way. So much “renovations” going on in both Olhao and even here in Estoi……..thinks are looking up for the Portuguese for sure. I personally have mixed feelings about all the additional tourism I am seeing but I guess I can’t be selfish.


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