Market Day in Estoi

Another day that was all about sunshine and markets!!  This, being the second Sunday of the month, meant the Gypsy Market would take place in our village of Estoi, which is perfect for us as we can head down whenever we feel like it, no parking issues.  This particular market, because this is the last Sunday market in this town before Christmas, was packed.

Marc and I both enjoyed wandering around looking at, listening too and taking immense pleasure in all the boisterous calling out, singing, negotiations and just plain fun that the market provides.  Colour was everywhere as well as intoxicating scents of cooking foods from the immense food area.

I’ll simply post the few photos I took and hopefully it will give you an idea of just how entertaining and fun it was.

We ended up being there for just shy of two hours and I do believe it was our favourite market ever.  Our plan was to head home and have lunch on our terrace but best laid plans…… we walked past the square we thought it would be enjoyable to sit and have a bica and a visit………yeah, that turned into wonderful Greek salads, a visit with Harald and Bela, who ended up joining us for lunch and then finally home.

As we slowly wandered back up through the village, leaving the energy of the market behind, the day tourists sipping vino and bicas in the square, we once again felt overwhelmed with how lucky we are to be able to enjoy this marvelous life we live. We love this little village, the local friends and the other friends, like us, who get to call it home for a period of time each year.  Life is truly grand.

This elegant looking, very weathered, old door knocker probably has many stories to tell!


10 thoughts on “Market Day in Estoi

  1. Thanks again for a trip through through the market… make me feel that I was there.


  2. I can hear the vendors yelling as they try to sell their goods. And the smell from the grilled food. Its a lively market and a fun place to visit. Great pics! Happy we are returning to Portugal soon.


    1. Today was the liveliest I’ve ever experienced it. One fellow was singing opera the entire time….making up verses based on the wares he was selling. Fun!


  3. Oh. Oh. Oh. . . .those cleaning smocks are quite elegant! Usually they are some sort of plaid or floral print with solid fabric trim. I’ve never seen the black ones before. Can workwear be chic?? hehe. And all the shawls. Oy. I was also drooling over the socks – its so interesting how each year they seem to bring a boatload of them in from somewhere (China?) and then all the Roma across the region sell them! Glad to see the prices are still so reasonable. I still haven’t even opened all my socks from last year – and I’ve given several pairs away as wee gifts.


    1. Chic workwear…..that would make a great name for a business!


  4. Wonderful blog again today!! I could FEEL the happiness and contentment coming off the blog as I read. It made me feel as if I were there myself now and then. 🙂
    The flowers you pointed out are beautiful, at first, I thought they looked like a miniature lupin, just lovely.
    The cork bracelets would have called out to me, I wish they made them a bit longer in length tho.

    HAAAAAAAAAA at you in a pair of those raccoon jammies!!!! Now that I’d love to see. LOL

    Yick at the roasted chestnuts. My last experience with chestnut type food came right to mind when I saw the vendor.

    I LOVE the doorknocker!!!! Nevermind the stories, it’s a conversation piece all on its own. 🙂

    Thank you for all the wonderful pictures and lively descriptions of your day.

    Love to you both.


    1. Never mind your previous chestnut experience… should try them again! You would love the market. First thing we saw for sale yesterday…a box of puppies!


  5. Well finally got my wordpress password sorted out! I love markets! I could never go through one without buying! Scarves, shoes, socks, cheese, olives! Thanks for the walk around. Still working on Jean-Claude….


    1. I thought of you this evening as we ate with our good friends in a wonderful restaurant in Olhao…..the food was exceptional and although it was pricer than we usually go, for what we had, it was downright inexpensive I will post photos tomorrow. Keep working on Jean-Claude. Stay warm!


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