Friday and Fish!

The last two days have been a bit laid back.  Marc is diligently working on a submission for funding related to his exposition next October, he is nose deep in the computer whenever he has a spare moment.  Consequently, I’ve been running a few errands, some with the car, some on foot.  We’ve enjoyed lunch both days at Ana’s and Simão, including relaxing on the patio after food and sharing in conversation.

Today, being Friday, it’s fish….in this case Bacalhau com natas….salt cod in cream.  Given my lactose intolerance, this is a dish I have never eaten.  Today however, Simão made it with lactose free cream…..just for me!!!!!  I feel totally spoiled.

First a few shots from our early morning walk.  We are continually surprised with the passing days how pretty well daily, something new is blooming.  Today was no exception.

Having walked for almost two hours, we were hungry for lunch, and knowing I was going to have a new experience I was anxious to get going.  I was not at all disappointed.

As I mentioned earlier, Marc is up to his neck in this submission.  I decided to head off for a drive/walk and left him to the solitude and silence of the apartment.  I took a drive into Fuzeta and checked out the progress with the beach work, they are almost done.  I enjoyed a leisurely walk along the boardwalk beside the beach then along the harbour.

I think I was feeling a bit nostalgic as walking around Fuzeta got me to thinking about my first two or three winters here and how significant this little village plays into those memories.  I am truly blessed to be living this life, to have shared so much of this with so many friends and family, and to have created such long-lasting memories.   Our first visitors will be arriving before the end of the month……….can’t wait to share some of this with them.

6 thoughts on “Friday and Fish!

  1. Gary was envious while you guys were indulging with Com natas. I tried to make it…it was just okay.


    1. We thought of him while we ate. I loved it but found it very rich. It is one recipe Marc is going to learn from Simao. I’m certain he will share the recipe with you!


  2. Those avocados set me to drooling!!!


    1. LOL….I can’t believe we stole two of them!!! And I’m certain more to come.


  3. I am also looking forward to Com Natas…looks delicious! The about to bloom cactus is gorgeous…looking forward to it in full bloom. The periwinkle reminded me of fall asters….pretty!
    Hugs, P


    1. Went by today to see if there was any change in the bloom….not. I hope I don’t miss it.


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