Saturday Adventures

If it’s Saturday, it’s market day!  We are saving the Loulé market for next Saturday, closer to Christmas as there are a few things there we are looking at purchasing. Which meant today, we decided to head back to Olhão for some fruit and veggies.  Before leaving the house I scooted over to the butcher, who is about a three minute walk from here, and picked up chicken to put in a marinade.  When going to the market, unless you are coming home right away, you shouldn’t purchase your meat or fish……..and as we had decided to head off and explore a place we had never been, we thought it best to be a bit organized around tonight’s dinner.

The Olhão market was quiet again today.  At least quieter than it was last week.  We still enjoyed it very much and today I found myself people watching so thought I’d take a few snaps of people, rather than produce!

We enjoyed the sunshine and the hustle and bustle of the market but once done, rather than hang around, we headed off to explore Quarteira.  We’d passed the roundabout for it many times but had never gone there.

Quarteira is about half an hour from Faro.  The main beach extends along the length of the town and there is a pretty tree lined promenade that allows easy access to the entire beach.  It might not be as popular as Albufeira or Portimão but it has it’s charm.  We enjoyed it probably because it’s off season and the beach, most restaurants, and streets, were pretty empty.  We took a long lovely stroll on the beach then explored for a few blocks off the beach.  A Christmas market was underway and the local fish/vegetable market was still open.  We both liked it very much.

We laughed today as we realized that frequently when we are out and about and it’s time for lunch, we both love to have pizza!!!!  Stumbled on a place right on the main road with the sea across from us.  The patio was open but the sign advertising hand made pizza appealed to us so Gusto’zza it was.  We were not at all disappointed.

Another walk along another beach after lunch……

A very satisfying day of exploring something new.  We took the backroads to home, which was delightful on this particular afternoon.  Through one tiny village after another and we basically had those roads to ourselves.  We climbed up the mountain from Almancil and across another mountain through  Santa Bárbara de Nexe and down  the mountain into Estoi.  I love that I have discovered these back roads and can easily maneuver about without hitting the highways.

Once home I was still itching to move and decided to head out for a walk and Marc would meet me in the square at 17h00.

As I was making my way to the square I heard a commotion……turns out the Estoi Motorcycle club was raising money for charity and they were just heading to the main square to end their adventure.

By the time I arrived at the square they were there, beers had been consumed and they were getting ready to head off and call it a day.  A great cause and they were obviously having much fun.

A lovely visit with Ana and Simão, an aperitif and now we are home.  Dinner is just about ready, the wine is opened and the fire is snap, pop, and crackling!  How good does it get.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Adventures

  1. Love that you share your day…looking forward to a few strolls with you. I’m going to count down soon.


    1. Won’t be a whole lot longer and you too will be here to enjoy this wonderful place. We have been blessed with glorious sunshine and I pray it stays for the entire time we are here this year.


  2. Caper & anchovy pizza one of my favourites! I was introduced to it in southern Spain in 1985 & loved it with a beer each day at the beach. It brought back memories!


    1. You can remember all the way back to 1985! You’re better than me! 🤡


  3. Ohhhh, I love the main picture! Lots of people out enjoying the water in what looks like good weather.

    Marc needs to get a pair of red shoes too, like the ones the guy had on in the picture with the old men chatting. lol

    That face, it has all kinds of stories with each line and wrinkle I bet.

    O.M.G. @ those desserts!!!

    What a lovely walk one could have along the promenade, just beautiful.

    I love the picture where Quarteira is behind you.

    That’s a very pretty chimney.

    Both the calzone and the pizza looked delicious…. your choice of toppings are not one bit delicious however. LOLOL

    Oh the beach looks wonderful, what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

    Gosh how lovely that pink rose is, so soft and delicate looking. Oh yes, the stork is nesting to prepare for babies perhaps?

    What a wonderful day you had, sounds like something I’d enjoy.

    Love and hugs,


    1. You would love that beach as everything is flat and it’s a very short walk from the car. We had a great day.


  4. Loved your photo choices today, especially the individual ones of you and Marco on the beach. So handsome! Let’s see…the sailboats, desserts, stork, old lady in kerchief, the musing old men, the lone boat (a fav!), the Rose, chimney…all gorgeous! You never take a bad shot!
    Now, those motorcycle fellas, a step up from the fishermen! Hmmmmm! Need to think on them maybe!


    1. We’ve got a new fisherman lined up for you! How do you feel about rowing a boat?


      1. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Oh I can just see it now. LMAO


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