A Glorious Day

Today our cleaning lady was arriving at 10 and we like to be out of her hair and let her do her own thing so……..we had made arrangements to go and have a Christmas visit with Sarah and Henrique.   We were a little early leaving and opted to head into Fuzeta for a walk along the sea.  A perfect decision.

We enjoyed a lovely visit with our friends, a few laughs, great conversation and we walked away with an armload of oranges, grapefruit, lemons, figs and three bars of Sarah’s amazing homemade soap.  Here is a sample of one of the………

Blackberry oil is used in this soap……it truly smells good enough to eat!

From here we had decided to head on to Santa Luzia.  It is considered the “capital do Polvo” or “capital of octopus”  so guess what we had for lunch!!   Not right away however, first we parked and enjoyed a lengthy walk along the promenade and then after lunch, many of the tiny winding streets.  The sun was blazing by now and it was surprisingly hot.

Nothing like wonderful sea air and a stroll to build up and appetite.

We delighted in sitting and relaxing in the sun with a bica and finally agreed that we needed to move, which meant heading off for a bit of a walk with the goal of arriving at the parked car.  We had been smart and parked at the extreme other end of the village when arriving……no excuses not to walk back!

A great day had by all.  The drive home was quiet as we both reflected on how wonderful the day had been.  And to boot, we were arriving home to an impeccably clean house, smelling sublime.

Our usual cinq à sept, much giggling and laughing and finally, a walk home.  Another day in our grand life.

10 thoughts on “A Glorious Day

  1. Ellis and Django want to know how does Santa go down the chimney???


    1. You tell them that in Portugal, Santa goes in through the patio doors!!!


  2. I always love seeing that old lifeboat station in Fuzeta . . .and it always makes me wonder what they did if a crisis happened at low tide??? Perhaps back then the beach was different.


    1. LOL, good point. You should see all the work they’ve finished on the beach. The sand is now at the same level as the top of the boardwalk…..AND, the boardwalk is a new one that was built directly on top of the old one!!! The sand slopes from the boardwalk down to the sea.


  3. Thank you for sharing g your daily adventures. Another beautiful day in the Algarve captured beautifully.


  4. Ahhhhhhhhh, another beautiful day I see.

    I love the main picture with the boat and the gulls.

    Sarah’s soap looks delightful, I bet I would have loved the scent as well. It would be decoration only for me as anything scented seems to annoy my skin these days.

    I love that blue door, it needs to be paired with a bit of light lime and orange!

    I LOVE that they peeled the tomatoes for the salad!!!!! ALL tomatoes should be peeled. LOL
    What was Marc’s dish in English? It looked like a curry type sauce.

    Love to you both.


    1. Marc’s dish had carmelized onions, peppers, cream and he think turmeric. He loved it.


  5. Sounds wonderful.


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