Fabulous Days

We have been enjoying the holiday season with a fervor this year!!  It started with an amazing Christmas Eve thanks to Ana and Simão’s invitation to join their family festivities.  What fun and what a feast.  I can say that I have eaten the best prepared octopus in my life!  Sweet, succulent and tender.   Baked bacalhau extraordinaire!  It would take up much of the blog if I was to try and describe all of food.  We truly felt privileged to have been included.  An evening we won’t soon forget!

In the midst of all the festivities I stole off to Faro for a few moments to collect James, who finally arrived via bus at 20h10.  He too joined us at Ana and Simão’s.  How he managed to stay alert until we arrived back at the quinta at 1h30 I will never know but he too had a grand time.

Christmas morning we had decided on breakfast then to head off to Armação de Pêra for the annual Santa Claus Swim.  It was as much fun as years past and as it was a first for James, it was fun to watch him enjoying it as much as it was to partake in the activities.

Ana and Simão had invited us back for Christmas lunch but we were simply too tired to have been good company and enjoy the food.  We headed home, James to his place for a snooze, me curled up on the couch and Marc upstairs working on a project related to his art.  Finally, after a couple of hours of quiet rest, we all felt a bit more human and I set my sights on getting the turkey stuffed and in the oven.

Harald and Bela joined the three of us for dinner and a wonderful time had by all.  The fire was blazing, the apartment warm and cozy.  Our dinner turned out perfectly and the conversations and camaraderie, as always, very pleasurable. It all felt so effortless and enjoyable.

This morning seemed a perfect day for beach walking and with that in mind off we headed for the Faro Beach.

What a perfect morning it was for this.  We relaxed on the patio at Wax for about two hours, the sun beaming down on us.   The sound of the pounding surf and all the smiling people walking up and down the beach.

Once home James headed off for a snooze, he is after all still getting over jet lag.  Marc headed into the kitchen and I opted to head off for a walk.

And when I arrive home, what to my wondering eyes should appear……..

My husband has made this amazing tourtière for our evening meal. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this, tourtière is a Canadian meat pie dish originating from the province of Quebec, usually made with minced pork, veal or beef and potatoes. Wild game is often added to enhance the taste of the pie. In our case, minced pork and cubed turkey with mushrooms.

And so another wonderful day slowly starts to wind down.  James will be over soon, I’m pretty certain there will be a gin and tonic or port and tonic in our future then later this evening, this wonderful pie.  Hope you’ve all enjoyed a wonderful few days as we have.

6 thoughts on “Fabulous Days

  1. Well, you have had a wonderful Christmas season with good friends, good+ food, beautiful flowers and loads of fun! That’s what it’s all about…the terrific weather sure makes everything even better!
    The annual Santa Claus swim makes me laugh! Some brave souls with no shame in their suits or undies! Loved the photo of the Santa dog joining in! Really good shots …I could almost hear the chattering and laughter and feel the momentum!
    Like most of your blogs, this one makes it a joy to live vicariously through you…but not for long!! A great adventure awaits me! xoxo


    1. Didn’t you get the memo that says you aren’t allowed to leave the house once you get here?? We have two bathrooms that will need constant cleaning!


  2. Joyeux Noël mes amis! The tourtiere looks lovely. I was thinking of making one this Christmas but it would have been a first and was hesitant without having a traditional recipe. I’ll have to speak with Marc when we arrive.

    I love the heart stone you found on the beach. If you look closely it has a white quartz line running through and according to folklore that making it a dream stone. I was told that when you come across a stone such as this, your heartfelt desire or dream will materialize ❤️


    1. Love that story of the stone and the line. Thanks for sharing. Happily I can say that my heartfelt desire has already been realized. 👨‍❤️‍👨

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  3. It was a wonderful Christmas Eve feast with many thanks to Ana and Simão and family. Also with many thanks to Randy and Marc, for their patience with my rapidly changing travel plans. Apparently, in Portugal, these types of strikes happen on a frequent basis.


    1. You haven’t done too badly so far..for an old fella! LOL. Happy to have you here.


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