Exploring the Roman Ruins of Estoi

Just on the outskirts of the village of Estoi, in what was once probably a rural setting, sits a lovely site containing the Roman Ruins of Milreu, which contains some of the best preserved Roman remains found in the Algarve.  This Roman villa included a large temple and a bathing complex containing many mosaics, which are still visible in several of the baths as well as along the pool area located outside the temple.  As James didn’t make it there last year he and I headed off this morning to enjoy a leisurely walk with the ruins as our destination.

The day was sunny and quite warm and we lazed along like two aged lizards!!! There certainly wasn’t any speed to our explorations.  Once done we headed back to the quinta to collect Marc, who was busy in the kitchen at home, and head off to the square for lunch.  Lovely roasted chicken legs. Forgot to photograph.

Our table centerpiece at lunch, compliments of Elsa!!

Marc was working on a new piece of art and James and I were both still up to something and decided to drive into Fuzeta, enjoy a walk along the beach and the harbour.

A delightful afternoon culminating in a drink with Ana and Simão on the patio of the restaurant.  Leftover food from Christmas Day was to be our meal, an effortless endeavor so we relaxed, enjoyed our drink and visit then headed home to a great evening meal. Life is good.  And my favourite shot from today…….you can see and feel the fun and energy.



7 thoughts on “Exploring the Roman Ruins of Estoi

  1. Thank you for sharing with us another day in “paradise”.


  2. I’ve been enjoying your blog, reading it makes me want to plan a trip asap! I’m so glad James arrived safely despite the rail strike. As I write this reply the weather outside is absolutely frightful! The morning dawned clear and cold (-7c) and the temperature has climbed through the day. Now we are having freezing rain and strong winds. Sigh. All of the snow will likely disappear again leaving mud and drear. Enjoy the warm weather and sun, and have a glass of vino for me. Cheers!


    1. Hi Eileen. So happy to hear you are following along, I know your brother will appreciate it! He is in good spirits and hasn’t stopped smiling….or is that smirking? We feel truly blessed to not only be here this year but to be enjoying warmer than normal temperatures. Stay warm and dry. Cheers back at you.


  3. Great pace setting today…love all the yellow flora layers.


    1. I find new things every year, which amazes me. Today saw a new sea bird…..a spoonbill.


  4. A free and easy feeling kind day…nice! Gorgeous rose and aloe Vera flower is stunning! The tile with the fish on it reminds me of a famous artist I know! ‘Lefty’ xoxo


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