Sea, Sand and Sun

Another above average day with sunshine and warmth.  We had decided to head to Vila Real da Santo Antonio to have another look at the nativity display and to share the experience with James.  Still in awe of the overall detail and work that’s gone into preparing this beautiful display.  James was, in his words, gobsmacked!!  Baby Jesus and his parents had shown up since our last visit!!

The day was exceptionally beautiful, a couple of markets were underway in the various squares and James was wanting to find a beach towel which meant we headed into a couple of the stores.  He had great success…….let’s just say that more than one full shopping bag left Vila Real today!!!

We had already decided that once done in Vila Real, we would drive towards home, stop in Cacela Velha and enjoy lunch plus a walk along the beach and in the tiny town.  Happily, the restaurant we hoped to eat at was open.

Marc didn’t particularly want to walk on the beach and opted instead to enjoy a quiet exploration of the town whilst James and I headed to the beach area.  The tide was very low…… seemed lower than usual if that’s possible.  So many things bursting into bloom thanks to this exceptional sunshine and our almost nightly light rain showers.  Mother Nature knows what she is doing!

Once James and I arrived at the top of the path leading down to the sea, Marc met us and we had a lovely walkabout in the village before heading back to the car.

A perfectly wonderful day and three very content Canadian Boys headed back to the quinta.  At present James is in his apartment working on his photos, Marc is reading his online newspaper and here I am, blogging.  Another grand and very full day.

Two of my favourite shots from today…..


6 thoughts on “Sea, Sand and Sun

  1. Grand day…..thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely photos! The nativity scene is amazing with so much detail. It must take quite a while to setup. I always love beach pictures.


    1. Me too Joanie…beach shots make me happy.


  3. Love the sock ornaments! Recycling at its finest…could be a great craft for Gourmet Christmas next year!
    Great header photo…definition of peace and tranquility! Soon…xoxo


    1. I too love the sock idea. Variety, colour, etc. Maybe you could use old pantyhose as a garland!


      1. Randy, you are too funny!


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