Happy New Year One and All

Yes, we had a pajama party here at the quinta!!!!  A fabulous meal, a little t.v. to help keep us awake then just prior to midnight, up on the roof-top with a bottle of bubbly and the amazing 360 degree display of fireworks.   They outdid themselves this year!!

Yesterday James and I headed off early morning for Alte and Silves while Marc decided to stay at home to get a head start on the menu we had planned for the evening.  He needed a little solitude and some alone time.  With us gone he could crank up his tunes and if I know Marc, probably danced a little in the kitchen!!

The day was exceptionally bright and lovely.  A cloudless blue sky, perfect for our wanderings.   We stopped at a couple of tiny villages along the route and wandered a little.

On arrival in Alte we parked and headed out on foot.  Our first stop,  a bica and James enjoyed an almond tart then the meandering up and down tiny roads, staircases and partially up the mountain commenced.  I love this village and in all of my visits I always manage to find something new.  Today was no exception.

Had a couple of wonderful encounters today, little things that simply remind me of the affection I feel for the Portuguese people.  James and I were walking towards the old church and climbing up the steps when an elderly man on a scooter came around the bed going down the hill.  I saw him when he looked at us and he smiled.  Suddenly he stopped his scooter, pushed it back a little and called out to me to tell me that the entrance to the church was in fact on the other corner!!  It touched me so much as this sort of kindness, or personal gesture is almost a daily occurrence here.   The second, each time I have been here there is a tiny ceramic store that has never been open.  I took James there as I wanted to show him a tile I like that is embedded in the steps. Low and behold, it was open and a young man was sweeping off the terrace.  We went inside and enjoyed a lovely conversation.  This man explained to me that he had literally closed shop a few years ago and headed off to live in England for a while and then Switzerland. He had just returned “home” to Portugal recently and was cleaning up the shop and staying here. He told me he realized he had to come home because…..he simply missed the Portugal sky.   He said this with a mist in his eye.   How beautiful.

Onward to Silves, about another half hour or so drive.  Our first item of business was lunch before exploring.

Fueled up we headed off, mostly upward as we had parked down by the Arade River and the old town sprawled above us.  Here are a couple of shots of Silves to give you a tiny perspective.

A perfectly fabulous day, and tiring.  We were certainly a bit quieter on the way home than on the drive out.  Once home James headed to his place, going to arrive at ours around 20h00.  Marc had prepared chicken empanadas, curried meatballs and had cleaned the shrimp for me.  At the last minute, I made shrimp cakes, Marc wonderful guacamole and James showed up with wine, cheese, and chocolate.   What a great end to 2018 and beginning for 2019.


13 thoughts on “Happy New Year One and All

  1. Happy New Year to my dear Algarvian friends 🎉🎶
    Nice robes 😎

    This year the Slives Castle is on our list as we have yet to explore It.


    1. The castle itself is a bit boring as it’s really just the framework, walking the walls to see the views etc.. Silves however demands to be explored and appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Happy New Year to you,Marc and James. The pictures are amazing. There’s a loveliness that someone takes such care and joy in displaying their art or placing a crèche outside… embellishing the surroundings for all. Creating an uplifting spark of joy that connects people.


    1. You are so right in your observations. Alte was a treat this time of the year and I look forward to exploring it again with you….a new visit, a new season. Goodness knows what we’ll find!


  3. Michèle Dextras January 1, 2019 — 1:25 pm

    Happy New Year. May 2019 be filled with joy, beauty and the warmth of the Portuguese sun and people! Most of all may your year keep you healthy and in love!


    1. What lovely sentiments. Merci Michele, I hope you too have an amazing 2019.


  4. Love the photos! You guys are truly a fashion statement as you rang in 2019! Happy New Year to you all,


    1. Oh Joannie, there is a bright pink robe in Vila Real with your name all over it!!! Just you wait.


  5. Wow! Had to read this blog twice! Every time I think this is the best blog ever, you offer an even better one in my estimation the next time.They are all great on so many levels but this one made me chuckle…definitely wins the award for colour! Fabulous header that depicts the personalities of three amigos who love and appreciate life! Add in the incredible blue of the sky, the oranges, yellows, reds, periwinkles, purples, greens, etc. of the buildings, flowers and art ….terrifically portrayed! Another award for depicting Portuguese creativity and fun….those tires cracked me up, the mannequins, the 7 Dwarfs, lovely wall inserts and the crèches…even for a fallen Catholic, they were very beautiful and touching. One of my favourite photos was the crane in the water; loved his reflection, and the tranquility and serenity of the pic…something I am currently seeking! Last but not least, your comments help your readers take on an added sensory appreciation of most of your photos. Like being there! How many sleeps, she asks?
    I just may have to go back and look at those tires again…one last chuckle before bed! xoxo


    1. WOWSERS!!! Now that’s a review. It was an amazing day and I’m happy that I was trying to convey, you received.


  6. Joëlle Sanderson January 8, 2019 — 1:48 pm

    Sorry for being a week late in sending you my very best wishes for the New Year. I have been quite busy with company until yesterday.
    Wishing you all that your hearts desire for 2019. If there is anything left to covet since you seem to have it all!


    1. Thank you for these wonderful wishes. Yes, life is wonderful. I trust you and Malcolm also have a wonderful 2019. I hear there is yet another grandchild on the way. Congratulations.


      1. Joëlle Sanderson January 11, 2019 — 2:19 am

        Thanks. Indeed a new grand child is expected in the middle of April, just as we will be heading back to Vancouver from Australia on a cruise ship. Could be much worse…


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