At Bit of This and A Bit of That

Yesterday was a road trip.   Marc opted to stay at home and work on a few things whilst James and I headed off for the west coast of the Algarve.  Our destinations, depending on time were to be Aljezur, Sagres, Lagos and possibly Porches.  By day end we made a cursory stop in Lagos and skipped Porches as we ran out of time, and dusk was setting.

Perfect weather kept us company as you see from the photos.

From the beach we drove to the Village o Pedralva that Harald and Bela had introduced to us a few weeks ago.  We enjoyed a lovely walkabout, a bica and then onward to Aljezur.

On arrival in Aljezur we decided to park, walk to the highest peak and explore the ruins of the castle, a wander through the old town and then onward to lunch.  The village was fairly quiet and sadly most restaurants closed.  That said, we had a great lunch.

From there another half hour or so of driving to arrive at  Cabo de São Vicente (the Cape of Saint Vincent) is the most southwesterly extremity of Europe.  Happily it was sunny and warm as the last time I was there the wind was cold enough to skin a cat!!!

We had left home at 9h30 and by now it was 15h30 and I knew we weren’t going to be able to see and do all that I had hoped to show James.  I’m certain he will return, and you can’t do it all so……we made a quick stop in Sagres and he snapped a few shots then onward to Lagos where I had to stop to have a look at the stretch of beach near the old town.  I love the colours.

As I was getting back in the car to head for home I noticed this in the parking lot near me.


Today, Friday, was a day of “rest”, which is a relative word.  Laundry first thing in the morning then a bit of housekeeping.  Konrad was over for a visit and to look in on a couple of things we needed taken care of.  That’s always a fun time as he likes to do the rounds of each apartment and that means a happy and fairly loud visit with one and all.  We are a wonderful little community inside the walls of our quinta.

Finally, around 11h30, James and I headed off for a bit of a walk, I wanted to check on my succulent from last week to see if the flowers had opened.  We agreed to meet Marc in the square for lunch at 12h30.

We had to head into Olhão this afternoon for a grocery run and a couple of errands.  Going to the grocery in a foreign country is always fun as no two stores are alike and it’s fun to have a look at many of the things on the shelves to see packaging, price etc..

After shopping, I decided to take another walk to enjoy the almond trees and see what else I could discover.

And finally……….I was delighted to find………


10 thoughts on “At Bit of This and A Bit of That

  1. Woohoo….what an adventure. Loving it


    1. Your new adventures are JUST around the corner. See you soon Mister.


  2. Well, a little bit of this and a little bit of that for you translates into a couple great days and wonderful photos for us to read and enjoy, and lasting memories for you and James. The fishermen shots almost gave me vertigo! Whoa! Loved the flowers; the almond trees are so pretty, that cactus bordered on looking alive, can’t wait to see my giant jack in the pulpits in May in my garden after seeing these, and I hope yours were saying one for me! The hanging flower is particularly beautiful as well!
    That ceramic fish would look terrific in my livingroom…hmmmm! I know exactly where it would go! And both of your lunches had me salivating. Sensory overload!
    Gosh, I am either just diving into your blogs far too much or getting more excited daily! xoxo


    1. I’m delighted to have a captive fan who writes such eloquent reviews. I’ll keep blogging as long as you keep them coming!


  3. Your road trip to the westcoast looks like it was spectacular! And the photos of the flora are stunning.


    1. Thanks Bonnie. It was a remarkable day, very warm for that part of the Algarve. I love the exploring and each trip this year I try to take at least one new road, either by car or on foot. So many beautiful things to simply stumble on. Not long for you now!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Loved the blog with ‘a bit of this and a bit of that’ ! The beaches are so beautiful along with the flora & food! I can’t imagine those fishermen on the edge of cliffs – not something I would like. The pink flamingo is too cute.


    1. Funny you should mention the fishermen…….we’ve restarted the hunt to find you one!!!! You’ll have to let me know your arrival date!!


      1. Make it two! LOL!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Just remember “ no billy goat fishermen” like in your pics

    Liked by 1 person

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