Weekend Wanderings

From the grinning, I think they were all up to no good!! Taking in a few rays in the square in Estoi.

A warm and sunny weekend and given our extensive comings and goings of last week, we didn’t stray to far from home this past couple of days.

Yesterday Marc enjoyed a day in the kitchen with Simão and learned to make a new dish with chicken and clams.  James and I headed off to Barril Beach for a walk and a bit of relaxing in the sand, he is still pinching himself that he gets to relax on the beach in January.  We arrived back in Estoi in time for a late lunch.

The chicken and clams dish. Frango a Olhanense

Today was a gypsy market in Moncarapacho and off we headed.

We had decided to head to Frango da Ria for lunch but when we arrived at 13h00, it was packed to the rafters, a line up waiting and a list.  We decided to head elsewhere and ended up at Edurado’s near Livramento……a good decision.

It was such a warm day and we were so close that we decided to head to the Fuzeta beach and simply lay back and enjoy the sunshine and sea sounds.

Once we arrived home we made tea and the three of us sat by the pool in the remaining afternoon sunshine.  We continue to pinch ourselves that we are lucky enough to call this “home” for the winter months.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Wanderings

  1. Another lovely day in the Algarve! Thank you for the memory jog…we haven’t been to Eduardo’s yet so it’s on our list.


    1. We’ve eaten there several times and have never not enjoyed the food and service. Prato da dia is always excellent and it’s a menu complete, everything for 7,50!

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  2. Have to say Marc’s chicken & clam dish looked so good. So, it needs to be an evening dish when we arrive. Lovely photo on the beach in Fuzeto & the food in Livramento, so delicious!


    1. I’ll see how much he charges for requests?


  3. Who doesn’t love a market? So much colour, variety, oddities, deliciousness and fun! And deals! Lots of fabulous meals to look forward to, à la Marc, and at many fine restaurants! And yes, MOI! Some beach days to block out the thoughts of the London’s Snow Belt warms my heart!


    1. You are not permitted to mention the S word. No jinxing our marvellous weather.


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