All About Alcoutim!

Another glorious day here in the Algarve and a perfect one for a road trip.  Our plan was to head off into the wonderfully winding mountain roads and make our way to Alcoutim, which is on the Rio Guadiana and borders with Spain.  What a great road trip it was.

Our next stop was Cachopo which is a lovely small village situated on the amazing Caldeirão Mountain.  It truly feels “tucked away”.  We parked and wandered for quite a bit enjoying the tranquility and the colours.

We seem to have created in a bit of a routine with our trips to Alcoutim as this past several we time it to land on the patio of  Restaurante Monte Branco in Martim Longo for lunch.  There are a multitude of storks nesting near the restaurant yearly and sitting to enjoy lunch and watching them primp and preen, not to mention flying overhead, is quite a treat.  Not to mention the food is wonderful AND cheap.

The final leg to Alcoutim is always pleasant as it’s a long flat stretch, no more winding mountain roads.

We enjoyed a fabulous day and as happens on these day trips, wore ourselves out.  The drive home, along the river, was quite lovely at days end and we did make at least one stop to enjoy the last of the vistas.


9 thoughts on “All About Alcoutim!

  1. Another day to tantalize the senses. Thanks for all of the posts. Loving it!!

    We will be in Portugal ourselves in 8 more sleeps.

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      1. Duh…excited….yeah. ☺ With all the great stories and pics you guys generate it surely adds to the excitement. See you soon.


  2. 24 more sleeps for Gary and I. You guys are having such grand weather….hope it keeps up. But honestly, there won’t be ice and snow. Take care mon ami.

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    1. Can’t wait to know you’re just “down the street “.


  3. What a lovely post. The trip to Alcoutim is one of my favourites.


    1. It was especially beautiful today as it was such a warm day and to be the only ones wandering around the village felt special.

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  4. What a glorious day with fabulous weather! Truly your header photo looks like a painting with the branch of leaves superimposed on it…love it! Your pic-tures captured the tranquility and beauty of the Alcoutim area and the creativity of the Portuguese people!
    58 days to go!


    1. Hey you, nothing was superimposed…..I framed that shot! By the way, I heard that all shopping centres here in the Algarve are closing in 57 days until June!


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