Another Chapter Begins

Following our harrowing day of travel yesterday we enjoyed a tranquil evening which included a big roaring fire, roasted chicken and veggies, a bottle of wonderfully rich Portuguese vino and bed by 20h30!!  We woke to the sound of birds, the sun valiantly working to burn off the cloud cover and excitement because the time had come when our friend Diane Elkas was arriving from Canada to spend a couple of months as our neighbour.


We are thrilled she has graced us with her presence and look forward to an adventure or two, or three or four!!!!

Once we returned to the Quinta from the airport we left Diane to get settled and refreshed and headed off for a lovely walk in and around Estoi.  The sun had succeeded in overriding the clouds and the temperature had risen to 17, perfect for walking.

We walked for about an hour and a half then headed home to see if Diane was feeling refreshed and perhaps ready for lunch.  She was and we headed into Olhão where we discovered a place that we had wanted to est, Sergio’s, was, in fact, open for the first time since we had arrived in November so……a wonderful lunch, lots of catching up and laughter.

Presently a fire is burning for ambiance and added heat, the music is melodic in the background, a pot of soup is gently simmering, the scent delightful and I see a gin and tonic in our future.  All of that and our house cleaner was in this morning………fresh sheets tonight……does life get much better than this?

Our final 100 meters of our walk, the Pousada, which is right next to where we live.

6 thoughts on “Another Chapter Begins

  1. Hey…save some lemons for us! Please!!


    1. If you are nice to me I’ll show you where the tree is!!! Can’t wait to see you here soon.


  2. Great to see Diane arrived safely & lovely great after a long day of travel. Love the borage – such gorgeous blue colours! Marc is a ‘good lemon thief’.


    1. Thanks Joannie. We are delighted when our friends arrive…..look forward to each visitor and in sharing everything we love about Portugal. And yes, Marc is a very good lemon thief…..I think he’s going to get lots of practise!!


  3. What a lovely warm welcome for Diane! You and Marc make everyone feel special! Portugal’s best volunteer ambassadors/hosts, I say!
    Borage has the prettiest blue flower…great photos! I remember having a ‘barrage’ of it in earlier gardens, rather insidious! But pretty!
    Looking forward to some free and easy livin’! And maybe being ‘a partner in crime’ with the Lemon Thief! Ha!Ha!


    1. Oh not to worry, we have plans for you when you get here that just might include lemon stealing!!! Or then again, might not…….it might be a bigger picture kind of thing…….


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