A Day of Friendships

Given Ana and Simão have just returned from vacation and had decided to treat themselves to a few extra days off before returning to the grind AND given Diane had just arrived and they were all looking forward to a visit, we had organized a lunch together in the tiny dimple of a town,  Bemparece, at the Restaurante Cantinho da Serra.

High in the mountains with breathtaking views in every direction.  A clear and brilliantly sunny day.  Fabulous food and wonderful camaraderie.   What more could we ask for in life?

As we walked around the view a car started up the drive and Marc thought it was Ana and Simão so he started staring down the driver.  Turns out it was not them but a great conversation and much laughter ensued and I’m certain a story is now circulating in two households!

It was wonderful to witness the pleasure and love in the reunion of all these old friends, our friends.  A few tears, lots of hugs and then the catching up started.  What a delightful afternoon we spent together.

We made a short stop at Intermarche in São Brás de Alportel then homeward as we had company arriving at 16h00 for tea.

Bonnie and Ken arrived in Portugal while we were away in Cabo Verde. This was our first opportunity to get together.

Another wonderful visit with some catching up and lots of laughter.  Our social life is growing by the minute!  They are here until mid April and I’m certain we’ll see each other a few times!  And life, as we know it, continues to be wonderful.

An enormous flowering jade plant in the garden next to our table during lunch. I used to have a tiny one on my desk at work…..who knew the flowered!!!!


10 thoughts on “A Day of Friendships

  1. I love this post. I could feel the friendships through the post. You are all so lucky to have each other. Looks like another glorious day. Loved the little hilltop restaurant and the pics are all fabulous.


    1. We certainly did have a wonderful time and yes, I am very blessed with good friends in this life………hopefully I have as many in the next one!!!


  2. Thanks for the marvellous “welcome back to Portugal” invite today for 4PM tea….ummm…ok..wine for me. Lovely snacks. Roaring fire. Setting sunset. Fun conversations as always. Nice to see you all once again.


    1. Hey Ken. An equal pleasure for us. I look forward to a few adventures this trip.


  3. Don’t wait for us…carry on having fun. Will join you guys in 8 more days!!!


    1. Don’t you worry, saving lots of fun for you too!! Counting down the days till you arrive.


  4. I have only been here for a little more than 24 hours and I have been so busy it feels like a week! But, I love being busy with so many pleasant things to do and wonderful company! Thank you so much Randy and Marc for taking care of me like you do. I feel blessed!


    1. We love having you here…we too feel blessed. “pay it forward” is what life should be all about.


  5. Only 42 more sleeps and I will join the Gang! Can’t wait! ✈️


    1. That period will fly by and before you know it you’ll be purchasing a new suitcase to carry back all your Portuguese purchases!!!!


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