An Easy Day in Our Paradise

Today was pretty laid back and ordinary, just perfectly paced.   I left early morning to drop a couple of friends at the Faro airport then home long enough to enjoy a coffee and walk into the village for my Portuguese lesson.

I’m quite enjoying this little venture as it gives me a bit of structure, truly helps in making me feel as if I am “living here” and also how it stretches my brain and my comfort level.  I’m hearing more, reading more and certainly understanding more.  Speaking, that’s a way down the road but I don’t really care, it’s the adventure of the process I’m enjoying.

We had plans to head to the Faro Beach with our friends Harald and Bela but sadly Harald has come down with a bug and is confined to bed!  Not at all pleasant at the best of times but certainly if less so in this gorgeous weather.  Nevertheless, Diane, Marc and I headed off to enjoy lunch, a walk and simply being on this spectacular day.


We sat on the patio at Wax and watched the birds, people, the waves and enjoyed our relaxing lunch then headed home with a quick stop to photograph this colourful place.

img_5485It was still rather warm and, we felt, a shame to be inside and decided instead to relax by the pool and enjoy a tea.

Bela, Diane, and Marc taking in the sun, the pleasures of the cloudless blue Portugal sky and a tiny sweet or two!!

The fire is crackling.  Anita Baker is singing to us.  Fabulous scents are wafting from the kitchen and I do believe there is the sound of a cork popping in my future.    I leave you with this wonderful wall statue of Saint Anthony from Faro Beach.


4 thoughts on “An Easy Day in Our Paradise

  1. Randy…..You are helping me get through this cold winter with my little sojourns to sunny Portugal…THANK YOU!😊


    1. I love that you are following along. I enjoy doing the blog as it helps stay in touch with my family and friends and at the same time, creates a diary of sorts for me. To know that folks are enjoying it makes it all worthwhile. Hugs from the Algarve.


  2. Your weather is so inviting today…our’s not so much! You caught some great shots of the two homes, the beach shots and of course, my ultimate favourite is the wall statue of St. Anthony, just love it!
    Hugs, P


    1. I’ll take you to see it in person when you arrive. It’s quite lovely in person depending on the light of the day.


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