Weekend Wandering

It’s kind of mind-boggling how quickly time is passing by for us.   We keep a fairly organized calendar of special events, commitments, the coming and going of our friends, projects, and our appointments etc. here in Portugal.  I find it so incredible to think that our trip with our friends to Cabo Verde is already history!  Our friend Diane is here and has been for a few days!  And, in a very short four days, Pat and Gary will be here!!!  I wish I could get time to slow down.

Because we live like Europeans here:  daily shopping, a bigger meal at lunchtime, trips to the beach to walk or sit,  and the fact that we are able to spend so much more time outside, it seems as if our social life is bigger, and time just goes that much faster.  All that to say, we seem to do so much, yet do nothing, each day.

This weekend was about markets, hanging out with friends, great meals, an happily, blue skies and sunshine.

Diane prepared a wonderful dinner for us last night.  Fresh shrimp, a wonderful salad and curried rice.  I seem to recall a lovely bottle of vino but that might have been a mirage!!!!

This morning we headed off for Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo and the gypsy market.

The market was lively and well attended. We all made a purchase or two, me a mortar and pestle, and decided to head onward to Tavira for lunch.

Tavira was very quiet and both restaurants we chose were closed but happily we stumbled on a new place, Cais Do Gilao……or Pier of the River Gilao.  What a great find.


This place hosts Fado music on Saturday evenings, we’ve made note as the menu was quite varied and wonderful and if our dishes today is an example…..I would happily eat my way through the menu!!   Why not do that with live music?

We enjoyed a marvelous walk all around town before heading back to Estoi.

A great day had by all and not only another day, but another weekend behind us.  As I said earlier, time flies but we never take any of it for granted and are continually reminded of how blessed we are in this life we live.

And finally……..


11 thoughts on “Weekend Wandering

  1. I can’t wait to try that restaurant with fado music 😜


  2. Fabulous picture of the three of you! I too have acquired a taste for octopus and yours looked delicious. Yes, if you can figure out how to slow the passing of time, please let me know. Continue to enjoy.


    1. Thanks Debbie. I suspect that you will have travel coming up soon .


  3. I sure don’t wish your time to fly by, nor mine, but believe me, I am so looking forward to enjoying my visit with you in every respect! Thirty-nine more sleeps!
    Your header photo is really lovely; the hydrangea tree is phenomenal, as is all of the flora…so colourful and unique! You’ll have to hold me down when the poppies appear!
    I think all of the bright colours you see daily on buildings, clothing, boats, flowers, even the fruits and vegetables at the markets, etc. is such a sharp contrast to our totally ‘white’ environment; the lively colours make your photos appear even more beautiful causing us to feel ‘warmed up’. One of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much! So many more reasons….xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that you are counting down the sleeps. Gives us time to have your bedroom cleaned before you arrive. LOL Yes, we both know we are going to have to sedate you when the poppies come. Hopefully the crop this year is as plentiful and gorgeous as last year. What say you to a nude photo in a big field of dancing poppies???


  4. Love the photos today especially the cover photo of flowers! I have to ask ‘what is fried chuchu’?


    1. It’s a vegetable, a bit like plantain. They sliced it and fried it like potatoes…….starchy but wonderful.


  5. I LOVE the header picture!! Stunning.

    So much beautiful colour with every turn, I come to life with each blog as if I were there living the life.

    I love the almond flowers, they are so soft and pretty.

    I also think the fish on the fishermans building are wonderful!

    I simply could not look down at my plate, see a whole octopus and eat it!!!!! Actually I don’t think I could eat octopus at all anymore, not since I’ve read so much about them and their intelligence. Sigh, I think all animals are smart and I wish I didn’t eat any of them. There’s something about the octopus that stands out to me tho.

    I hope Marc bought about four pairs of those red pants, else that one pair is going to wear out soon. LOL { Yes, yes Marc, bitch at me. LOLOL}

    Love you both.


    1. Yes, I too have to close my mind when I eat octopus…but I do love it. As for the red pants…..they are in the wash as we “speak”. LOL


  6. Like so many of your readers, I loved your photos, especially the C.U of the flowers. You certainly sell Portugal!


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