This last two days I’ve been enjoying lots of walking, which I love.  Feels wonderful to keep the body, and the mind, limber with free, available and easy exercise.  On top of that I get to take in the birds and flowers, another cheap free pleasure.

Yesterday we headed off to the Fonte da Benémola, a first time for Diane and the second time this trip for Marc and I.  It’s an easy and enjoyable 4.5 kms, a small farm road on one side, you cross the river then it’s up and down a mountain path on the return trek.  The day was a perfect temperature for this type of activity.

It was a wonderful morning but then disappointment when we headed to a particular restaurant and found it closed!  Instead, we headed home, made sandwiches and then sat in the sunshine beside the pool.  Lovely way to relax, enjoy a cold beer and then a lazy afternoon.

This morning I headed off on my own and enjoyed an almost two hour walk.  I more or less go where my nose takes me!  I try not to think about it or plan it out but to simply turn when I feel like it and at all times, look for photo opportunities.  I try to see old things in a new angle.

By the time I arrived at the square it was 12h30 and I had just ordered my meio litro de vino de pressiao (vino verde on tap) when Diane and Marc arrived.  Ana and Simão were open today, first time since our return from Cabo Verde.

The prato da dia was chocos fritos a setubalense…….fried cuttle fish in the style of setubal.   Absolutely delicious.


Diane and Marc opted for menu items.

It was lovely to sit in the square and enjoy each others company and have some time with our friends again.   Marc had rested his satchel under his chair and it too became something special for another of our lunchtime friends.

img_5572 A fresh shipment of desserts had a few folks drooling but I took this photo for those of you that are always asking about sweets in the Algarve

Sweet potato cake, lemon pie and berry cheesecake!

Headed home after lunch and discovered a couple of gypsies at our quinta gates…….happily, they were bringing avocados so we let them in, even gave them tea!


And so it goes.   Another glorious day and to top it all off…..Diane is preparing dinner…we don’t have to cook or clean up.  Yahoo!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Randonnée

  1. Looking forward to walking along with you….3 more days!!!


    1. Counting them down also. Have your grocery list ready….will shop Friday morning and then when you are here for dinner Friday night, I will drive you home with groceries, Gary’s scotch and perhaps a few pieces of wood!!! LOL


    2. Looking forward to seeing you too guys! Very soon!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Another day of great photos! The meals look delicious but the pork taco really looked great. The pic of the cat on Marc’s satchel was so cute – what a beautiful cat with such lovely blue eyes..


    1. Well Miss Joannie, if you make it here in the next month or so, you’ll see Miss Puss in person as she comes to Ana’s patio every lunch time. She is beautiful and affectionate.


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