We’re Still Here!!!

Time keeps slipping away and before I know it, it’s bedtime and two things have happened, or not depending on the perspective.   Number 1, I have forgotten my camera all day and haven’t taken a single photograph; and 2, I haven’t even thought about doing a blog.   I’ve received a couple of emails asking me where the heck we are and today I promised myself I would try and get something out.   So here goes!

We’ve had a couple of cooler days, which for most of you in Canadian means nothing given your temperatures, it’s been around 13 degrees!  The temperature is never the problem here, it’s when it’s accompanied by wind, and for the last two days, it was.  Hasn’t stopped us from getting out and enjoying life here, which includes our daily lunchtime meals on the patio of Ana’s and Simõe’s.

Pat and Gary have arrived from Canada and haven’t stopped smiling from the warmth of the sun and the endless blue skies.  They have their own house here in the village of Estoi for the next couple of months…..how wonderful that we have another addition to our constantly growing social circle.  I see a few games of Newfie Poker, crib and euchre in my future!!

Today we headed off for the Moncarapacho gypsy market.  Diane opted to stay at home and meet us in the square for lunch which meant Pat, Gary, Marc and myself headed off to enjoy the energy, colours and buying opportunities available to us.

We thoroughly enjoyed our wanderings and arrived back at the quinta at 12h20, just in time to collect Diane and head off for lunch in the square.  Pat and Gary opted to head on home as they are having us all in for dinner this evening and the prepping had to be started.   Of course I forgot to take photos during lunch so nothing to show on that front.

And today, our find that had both Marc and me excited………the enormous wall of jasmine here at the quinta, is just starting to bloom!!  In a couple of days, the intoxicating smell will be our constant companion, day and night for at least a couple of weeks.


As I frequently like to say, life is grand and we continue to be grateful for every wintery day we are away from snow.  If we could transport all of our family and friends here, it would happen in the blink of an eye, or the snap of a finger.  Know that you are here in our thoughts and hearts.


11 thoughts on “We’re Still Here!!!

  1. You need to start using your smart phone as your camera, Randy. I don’t even know where my ameras are these days and think of my phone as ‘my camera’!!! The Jasmine is starting to bloom already? If I recall from last year that’s a bit early, isn’t it? But no matter, its such a glorious experience to walk past it and inhale its heady perfume! How is the big garden next door coming along, btw? They were doing a lot of work last winter. I expect by now things look well settled in.


    1. Hey Gwen. Yes, early for the jasmine but, with our warmer winter it seems that everything is earlier. I captured my first orchid last week. Next door he has created a beautiful groomed small orchard. Every fruit tree imaginable here in the Algarve. Much work continues on the house but the majority of it is inside.


  2. So glad you are thinking of us all in this cold cold weather! I love the photo of the “pins parasol”. They are my favourites when we are in the south of France. This is me Michèle. I don’t dare log out of the Bookclub account because I can’t remember the password and I can’t remember my password for my own account!


    1. How many of us never log out for the same reason! LOL


  3. So lovely to see the photos with all of the beautiful colours. Today is a very grey day with rain, after the blinding whiteness of Bruce county squalls. We did have some gorgeous sunshine between the two which was very welcome even though we were experiencing -16 C temperatures with frigid windchill. I am curious about what your neighbour is doing with the water to “prepare” it for drinking?


    1. I was told last year the reason for the water preparation but I forget the details. It has to do with the blue glass and the sun. I will try and find out. Keep warm!


  4. Lovely photos as usual. Glad to see Pat & Gary arrived safely & enjoying the warmer temps. I know you will enjoy dinner tonight with the seafood casserole as it is so so good! I make it several times a year for my brother etc and now my neice’s Fiancé is a big fan. So, the # of times may increase but I love it as well and it is so easy to make. Lovely sunny day here today but oh so cold! Off tomorrow to get cortisone shots in my knees tomorrow & hoping it improves my mobility.


    1. You’re going to be climbing mountains before you know it. Are you still planning to come this way?


      1. Yes, Dawn & I plan to chat and make plans to go over for 3 weeks – mid March to end of first week in April. She is still working so .we’ll go with what works for her

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  5. What a stellar day! Loved all the colourful market shots of things, flowers, and people…could the sky be any bluer? And smiles any broader? In thinking of my own summer jasmine, you are all in for a treat! Scent from Heaven!
    I can honestly say I am not happy about missing the mainly ‘Canadian’ seafood chowder as I know what a great cook Pat is! That will be a recipe request, for sure!
    Counting down…xoxo


    1. Wasn’t chowder. Was Pat’s delicious lobster stew. What a feast……marry a lick left. I have the recipe, it’s been my Christmas Eve staple for about 15 years.


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