And The Beat Goes On……

Daily walks are such therapy for me and with the ever-changing landscape, which includes blossoming trees and plants, I find myself constantly in a zen place.  What a wonderful thing that is!

Yesterday was a day of morning errands (for all of us), a pot luck lunch at our place, with even more left-overs from the left-overs!, a long countryside walk (Pat, Gary and me), then, quiet evenings for all of us.

Today it returned to 20 degrees, the sky was deep blue and almost cloudless.  A perfect day for a visit to Faro Beach.

The five of us enjoyed a lengthy walk then Marc and Diane headed back to Wax to secure a table on the patio while Pat, Gary and myself continued for another half an hour or so.  The sand felt wonderful under the feet and the lapping sound of the sea a welcome addition.  The tide was slowly starting to come in.

We had agreed to head to the square for a cing a sept.  Ana surprised Marc with a box of  vol-au-vent, which for those of you that don’t know, is a small hollow case of puff pastry.

IMG_5614  Guess who will be coming for turkey ala king on Sunday???

A couple of lovely shots on the way home…


2 thoughts on “And The Beat Goes On……

  1. I like the sound of a ‘hot spring’! So looking forward to my first burger at Wax! xoxo


    1. I think there is a local bus that just might drop you at the Faro Beach…or within a 2 km walk!!!!


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