Amendoeira Trail…The Almond Tree Trail

Today, with many thanks to our friend Harald, I had the immense pleasure of enjoying a 13 km hike on the Amendoeira Trail.  We were accompanied by Pat and Gary and I think it safe to say, the four of us enjoyed it tremendously.   The sky was brilliant blue,  the temperature a perfect 19 degrees.

We drove for an hour to the village of Alta Mora, the drive itself was fabulous.  Winding mountain roads, breath-taking vistas, small forests of pines, eucalyptus,  and cork trees cascading up and down into the valleys.

The trail is a combination of dirt tracks, mountain paths and the occasional stint on asphalt as we crossed through tiny villages.   We passed ruins of windmills, small abandoned villages and some that were simply two or three houses.  We crossed the Ribeira do Beliche twice,   fortunately not a lot of water in the river which made the crossing a little easier for us!  There isn’t much more to say but here are a few photos to give you an idea.  Hopefully you can appreciate it as much as we did.

I am indebted to Harald as he introduces me to these wonderful trails.  Not only will they become a part of my repertoire but he also instills in my a sense of confidence in terms of exploring these places by myself.

The drive home was easy and quite as the four of us were pooped from the energy of the day.  As we arrived……..we both wondered what Bela and Marc had been up to in our absence……..we’ve yet to hear the details but…..this is where we found them on our entrance to the quinta.


What a grand and wonderful day it’s been…for all of us.  And to top it all off, we have “take away” from Ana and Simão for dinner….bachalau com natas…..salted cod with cream.  Can’t wait!

11 thoughts on “Amendoeira Trail…The Almond Tree Trail

  1. It looks like a lovely hike and the weather was perfect for it!


    1. Hey there….can’t believe we didn’t get to meet Lori. Have a safe trip to Lisboa tomorrow…..tell Ken he can meet us at Ana’s for lunch at 13h00 if he’s free.

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      1. We tried to fit it in by our agendas just didn’t lineup. I’ll pass on your message to Ken. Hugs.


  2. I can see why you are a happy man, a gorgeous walk. Thanks for sharing ❤️

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  3. A simply wonderful marvellous day…from top to bottom. Thank you Randy and Harold for letting Gary and I tag along. It was a special memorable day!! And to round off the day with a ” To die for” supper.

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  4. What a lovely hike that looked like! Little breaks here and there in tiny villages along the way.

    I really love the ‘old bathtub’ idea!!!! That’s fantastic. As long as nothing falls in and cannot get out! LOL Perhaps placing a couple of boards, one at each end, into the tub so that an animal has a way to get out should they fall in.

    Such a beautiful view of all the almond trees down below.

    I love the old abandoned buildings along the way, I would have to snoop through some if they were still intact.

    Love the cactus picture

    Dinner sounds yummy.

    Love to you both.


    1. The bath tubs are usually half way down in the ground so the critters can reach the water without having to extend themselves. Also they are pretty shallow. I think most could get out safely if they fell in. It really was a lovely trail, pretty tame and in that most of it was old dirt roads and tracks, not really a challenge but the walk itself and of course, the views, are what it’s all about.


  5. What a pretty hike…aptly named! Loved the different shades of the almond trees! Especially liked the photo of the Ribeira do Beliche. Great vistas!


    1. I love wandering the hills and valleys and to have all those almond trees in bloom was amazing. I never tire of wandering here and rounding bends then finding myself in a tiny dot of a village with chickens clucking, dogs barking and the occasional ola called out.


  6. LOVE this blog!! The views were spectacular and I could see myself doing this hike. The lavender is one of my favourite and I could close my eyes and smell it.


    1. I think of you every time I go on one of these hikes!!!


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