Today was the official opening of the Feira do Chocolate……Chocolate Festival… Loulè.  How could we not go and check it out!  Saturday is a huge market day there and adding this festival to the mix simply helped expand……tremendously, the number if attendees.  Packed was an understatement.

I can report that despite having chocolate lovers in our group, there wasn’t any chocolate purchased.  We enjoyed looking but were more focused on fresh veggies, some seafood and a few other things.   Purchases in hand, we headed off to enjoy a little of the town on our way back to the car.

We left town and headed back to Estoi for an early afternoon lunch.

The day, as usual, disappeared from us and before we knew it, we were all heading off in our separate directions.  I took a side route home and managed to see a couple of things that demanded to be photographed.

And my favourite photo of the day…….taken on a tiny side street in Loulè.


6 thoughts on “Chocolate!

  1. It was a nice one…Gary and I did buy a few chocolates…will share.


  2. A delicious looking morning, only to be outdone by a delicious lunch! Fabulous rose, Buddy!
    I loved the laundry shot in the almond trees…I wonder if the scent of the almond flowers hung in their clothes?
    I agree with you about your last shot in Loulé…colour action, shadows, composition makes it the winner!


    1. Glad you like my shots. And yes, the faint smell of almonds would probably stay in the clothing.


  3. Lovely photos & sounds like a fun day! Had a lovely sunny day here in Halifax at -4C. We enjoyed Seaport Market this am & leisurely lunch at Salty’s on the waterfront. At this time, we have no snow but that may change on Wed.


    1. It’s been terrific weather here, and lots of great socializing and company. We look forward to your inclusion.


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