We Keep On Rolling

I keep saying, but it’s entirely true, the days are zipping by so quickly that unless there is a market, I don’t know what day it is!!!!

Sunday was the wonderful market here in Estoi.  I can’t describe the delight we take in getting up in the morning, relaxing as long as we like then dressing and heading down the village to the market then back to the patio in the square and simply hanging out.  No parking necessary, no complications.

After the market we headed back to the square and to our delight, we found Bela and Harald……both looking rather dapper I might add.


We ended up enjoying a lovely couple of hours together over lunch with a huge side serving of sunshine and blue sky!

Monday was a scorching day and a perfect one to pack a picnic and head to the beach.  Off we headed, to Barril where Pat and Gary joined up with us.  For the most part it was calm and breezeless.   We relaxed in the sand, snoozed, read, gabbed and then ate.  I took a long lovely walk for about a km and I basically had the beach to myself.  What a treat.

Today was a day of new arrivals.   Diane’s sister, Lise, arrived from Montreal via Toronto.  How lucky she was to get away during the horrible storm they are experiencing right now.  As well, Andrea and Warren arrived from Nova Scotia and are staying with Pat and Gary.  I love how the tribe grows.

As new folks arrive, new adventures begin.  I’m not certain at all what we will get up to in the next little while but what I do know is that laughter, camaraderie, and great fun together will certainly be part of the mix, if not the majority!!

6 thoughts on “We Keep On Rolling

  1. Great baskets! I think you should treat yourself to one. Good laundry basket!! Good decision between the 2 hats. The second one suits Marc really well. Too bad he has to share it with Diane. I could feel the beach atmosphere and my spirit was at the table enjoying a white sangria with you all.


    1. Maybe next year you will return for another visit and hopefully (this time) sunshine!


  2. I love the header picture! The chimney and that cactus are wonderful!

    Haaaaaa… “Just a market shot with the lovely mountains in the distance.” And a man picking his ass!!!

    Those baskets are great, they’d make great storage baskets in my back room.

    What a beautiful picture of Gary, Ana, and Pat! It looks like Ana got her hair cut, I love this style on her.

    I’m here in the tundra, thinking about going out to clean off my car. It’s got about two inches of crusted, icy/snow stuck to it. The whole thing will have to be scraped!!

    Maybe I’ll wait for tomorrow, the temperature will be going up a bit and it’ll be easier to get the ice off. LOL

    Love and hugs to you both. Send sunshine and a little warmth would you please.



    1. LOL, I wondered if anybody would notice Mister picking his ass!!!


  3. What a wonderful couple of days! Love everything about them and am very excited about the market in Estoi! Sadly, I do not have a ‘hat head’ so I will not be seeking a hat; but, I did spy a few things that could make me happy! Especially, the sangria! LOL!


    1. No sangria at the market……..but….tables and tables of scarves for 2,50 each!!! Just saying.


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