Beautiful Tavira

We haven’t stopped much this past few days.  Given Lise is here for only one week we are trying to show her as much as we can.  That and a full day spent at Immigration trying to renew our residency cards………no success for the moment but there is still time to achieve success!!!

Yesterday we spent the late morning and afternoon enjoying the beautiful town of Tavira.  I have always been enamored with it and each trip I find yet another reason to want to return, if not stay there for a month or so one of our visits.

We walked upwards, towards the castle and the gardens.  I love to see what is in bloom on any given visit.

We decided that we would head for lunch and then explore more of the town and with that in mind, headed off to Bica Zeca, which happily, was open.

We explored both sides of the river, wandered up and down a few of the tiny winding streets and popped in and out of a few open stores.

By now we were “walked out” and ready to head for home.  A great day with countless belly laughs, fun conversation, new memories and lots of exercise.   On the way back to the car we spotted the following……..I had to talk Lise and  Diane out of a purchase!!!!


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Tavira

  1. Love the flower photos but of course my favourite photo is the last one😊 Off to Cuba next week to get some sunshine myself😎


    1. You bad girl!!!! Enjoy the sunshine and travel safe.


  2. Looks like another lovely day in paradise. Great pictures as always


    1. Thanks Ken. We are off to the Orange Festival in Silves tomorrow…..just saying!!!


  3. I’m sure these middle-aged women you’re thinking of excludes an old bag like me…long past middle age! LOL!
    Lovely day in all respects…I never tire of Tavira! Looking forward to our visit! Soon! xoxo


    1. Start counting down the dodo’s!! Only 16 more and you leave. When do you start the practise runs on your suitcase and packing??????


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