Mais ou Menos

Our social life here in the Algarve is phenomenal.  We always seem to have one thing or another to do and frequently invitations out for a cinq a sept, dinners, hikes etc..  We both love it and rarely refuse something.  This past Saturday evening we were invited to a fresh lamb dinner with Konrad and Ewald.  What a treat, and what a meal!

Sunday morning Diane, Lise and I headed off through the mountains for Silves and the Orange Festival.  Marc was in need of some art time and saw us off with the promise of homemade soup on our return.  He didn’t disappoint.

Our drive through the countryside was truly wonderful and for the most part, we seemed to have the roads to ourselves.  Sunday is usually a quieter day here but this particular Sunday felt unusual in that we had many kms where we didn’t see another vehicle.

Once we felt we’d seen enough we headed off to wander the town and find a place for lunch.  It was an overcast day but the rain didn’t show up at all.

We did stumble on a great little taberna and I will go back.


Once we climbed back in the car we decided to return through the mountains and make a stop in Alte.  Given Lise is heading home on Wednesday it didn’t make sense for us to be so close and not take a walk about.

A wonderful day and when we finally arrived home and walked in the door, the rich scent of homemade chicken soup greeted us.  What a treat after a lengthy day of being nomads.

Delicate flowers sprouting out of a bed of succulents. To me, they resembled a troupe of ballerinas waiting for their turn to dance.


7 thoughts on “Mais ou Menos

  1. A combo post!! It was like a puzzle lol. Sounds like another wonderful day!


    1. It was wonderful despite the overcast day. I love driving in the mountains and taking all the smaller roads.


  2. Can’t wait to sink my pearly whites into my first orange…freshly picked! There’s nothing like it!


    1. Easily done….don’t forget your fixadent!!!!


  3. Where are the Freesia????? I know they are out now!!! LOL The next post should be filled with them in all colours!



    1. Have been watching and have not seen a single one yet.


      1. Bonnie took pictures of several of them just the other day. 🙂


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