The End of Another Chapter

Today was Lise’s last full day here in the Algarve and we deferred to her for the agenda for the day.  Simply put, toes in the sand!  I think that was a perfect choice given she will be returning to snow and cold.  What a wonderful last memory to take home with her.  And so, with that request, we decided to head off to Faro Beach for 11h00. In the interim, I decided to take a long walk here in Estoi.

Having had a full day of much-needed rain yesterday, it was interesting to see just how nurtured the earth and flora were.

And I never tire of this particular shot as I head from the square towards home.


And then came the Faro Beach.  The waves were pounding and quite loud today.

We had earned our lunch as we walked quite a bit.  Marc had headed back to Wax to secure a patio table.

What a grand and wonderful day culminating in a fabulour cinq a sept at Ana and Simão’s.   We enjoyed the company of Pat, Gary, Andrea, Warren, Ana, Simão and David, who has returned from England.  Marion was a bit worn out from the voyage today but we will see her tomorrow.

A fabulous send off for Lise, whom we shall miss.  Safe travels Lise, safe return to Canada and hopefully we see you again in the beautiful Algarve.

2 thoughts on “The End of Another Chapter

  1. Thank you so much Marc and Randy for another wonderful day spent with you in the Algarve! 😘😘


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