Alentejo Travel Day 2

Our morning started with a marvelous breakfast at our hotel, Dom Numo ( ), then a couple of trips back and forth to the car and then we headed off, first in search of a couple of nearby monoliths then onward to Serpa and the annual Feira do Queijo (Cheese Festival).

Marc, Diane and I waited in the parking lot at the base of the village for the others to arrive and then we headed off.

There are several worthwhile megaliths surrounding the peak of Monsaraz and we headed off in search of a couple before moving onward to Serpa.

And Serpa, here we come.

This is an amazing festival, our second time to visit it.  This year they had 44 cheeses – from Serpa, Évora, Nisa, Beira Baixa, Castelo Branco, Azeitão, Redondo, Borba, Estremoz, Rio de Moinhos, Serra da Estrela and, for the first time, a biologically produced cheese.  In addition there were sausages, wine, olive oil, olives, honey, tables of sweets, as well as regional crafts.   We wandered for a couple of hours then headed for the route home, which for us was exactly two hours from door to door with only stop along the route……

What a fabulous two days we enjoyed.   Marc had made reservations to take me out for dinner for my birthday but with all the activity and driving I suggested I might like to stay home and simply relax.  Always obliging,  once home he scooted over to cancel our reservation and instead, marvelous cheeses, a rillette of Porc, Terrine de Canard a   l’orange (all of which we picked up at the cheese festival), and a wonderful bottle of wine and a gentle burning fire in the woodstove…….a birthday boy couldn’t have asked for a lovelier evening.  Merci mon mari!

4 thoughts on “Alentejo Travel Day 2

  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday!! That goat cheese… my mouth watered.


    1. I tell you, that cheese is almost like a dessert! Absolutely delicious.


  2. Great way to celebrate your birthday! Love the pictures & the cheese festival looked like a lot of fun.


    1. Amazing birthday Joan. I have great karma, or so it seems.


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