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We have just returned from two days of wonderful exploration in the Alentejo Region, the region of Portugal directly above the Algarve.   With the open roaming plains, you are continually viewing large pastures full of grazing sheep, goats, and cows.  The area is renown for its wines and its cheeses.

We headed off, seven of us, early Friday morning, our destination Monsaraz.  In 2017, it won the category “Monument Villages” in the competition “7 Maravilhas de Portugal – Aldeias” (7 wonders of Portugal – Villages).  Having now been there, I completely understand why.

We arrived in Monsaraz around 12h45, parked in one of the many available lots that are outside the medieval walls and wandered back into time as we explored, looking for our hotel.  I can’t describe the feelings of being there and imagining daily life there in the many centuries this tiny village has existed.

We decided it would make the most sense for us to head off on our own to explore and meet a bit later for an afternoon drink.   Diane, Marc and I headed off while Pat and Gary then Warren and Andrea headed off, all of us with excitement for the opportunity to explore this wonderful village, both inside and outside the walls.

As agreed, we met up at 16h45 outside the church and Gary advised us that he had found a wonderful place for wine tasting.  Off we headed for what turned out to be two delightful hours of great wine, entertainment, and camaraderie.  All with a view to kill for.


What a fabulous day it was………we headed back to our hotel to freshen up, relax for a while then head out to dinner.

Our visit to this lovely town will be one of the highlights of this visit to Portugal.  There is still so much to explore, to see, and to do.   In hindsight, we could easily have spent a couple of days here exploring the area around the mountain which is peppered with villages, hiking paths, beaches etc..   Perhaps another trip.

Following a good nights sleep, a hearty breakfast and a walk or to from the car to the hotel to pack our things away……which included a few purchases from the wine bar in the afternoon, we headed off for the second leg of our Alentejo wanderings.

4 thoughts on “Alentejo Travel

    1. Thanks Ken. You missed an amazing trip.


  1. Wow!! This is by far my favourite blog!! I especially loved the picture looking back on Monsaraz from the medieval walls. All of the photos were wonderful. Okay so I want to come back to Portugal so I can visit this place. I could feel the tranquility from the pics.


    1. I expect if you went there in the tourist season it would be a nightmare…..wall to wall people. This time of the year we almost had it to ourselves.


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