The Mountain and The Sea

A gorgeous morning for an early morning hike, Sao Miguel was the destination, my companion, Patricia…..apparently it was too early in the morning for many others to consider joining us.  The sun was shining and it threatened to be a warm day which is why we headed off at 9h00.

So many gorgeous flowers and plants showing their pretty coloured blossoms while many others looked ready to burst in the next little while.  I was in my element.

We had a great hike and as I mentioned, record time.  We were both pretty impressed with ourselves.  Upon return to Estoi, I had half an hour before my Portuguese lesson and Pat happened to have a couple of pieces of leftover apple pie from my birthday dinner so………yup….apple pie and a bica….great fuel for my learning.

The plan was to head off to Fuzeta for lunch and perhaps a walk on the beach, both accomplished.

A great day had by all.  We bumped into Pat, Gary, Andrea, and Warren enjoying a beer on a small patio in Fuzeta.  Had a short visit, a giggle or two then following a quick stop at the grocery store, the drive home.  The sun kept us company all day long but so did a nippy breeze.   Tomorrow is supposed to be windless……….that’s my kind of day.

12 thoughts on “The Mountain and The Sea

  1. So many wonderful stories and pictures. Loving it.


    1. Thanks Ken. You know how much I love being here!


  2. A great first day for Laurie!! The hike sounded and looked wonderful. So many varieties of beautiful flowers. The beach walk looked relaxing but shorts with jackets??? Made me think it was cold.


    1. The breeze can be a bit nippy some days, hence the jackets. Would you rather we simply got cold?? LOL


  3. It looks like you had a lovey morning hike and a wonderful start on Laurie’s first day in the Algarve!

    Your photos of the hillside flora are spectacular! I’m curious to know if the jonquils and the paper whites are one and the same as they look similar? Or are they a different variety in the same floral family?


    1. They are different. They smell and look completely different and I am not certain about the “same family” will have to look that up.

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  4. Randy…the flora pics are wonderful. The jonquils are so miniature and delicate looking. Hoping we do more hikes and find the orchids,peonies and gladioli.


  5. My heart! The flowers are fabulous….can’t wait! Great shots! No San Miguel in record time for me but willing to give it a go! And at 9:00 am too! Ha!Ha!
    Laurie, your smiling face tells me time can’t go fast enough pour moi! I can almost feel the sand in my toes! Seven more sleeps! xoxoxoxo


    1. I’m not sure you are up to Sao Miguel and once you start it, there’s no turning back. That said, we can certainly give it a go.


  6. Made a comment on flowers. I think the blue may be Lithodora prostrata and the yellow is a Palmate anemone.


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