Don Quixote Trail

I experienced a bit of an epiphany today.   I was deep in the mountains, enjoying the great outdoors, the intense scent of the earth, the occasional cloud of floral scent, the sun burning down on my neck when I realized that my usual thought would be, “oh my, the Portuguese people are so lucky to be able to enjoy this all year long” , when it struck me that instead, I was thinking, “oh my, I’m so fortunate I get to live like this six months of each year”.

What an incredible day it turned out to be.  Best laid plans of mice and men comes to mind.  I ended up going on an incredible hike with my friend Harald,  who has introduced me to so many wonderful new trails this year, and it’s not over yet!

Today was the Don Quixote Trail, 20 kms. Simply breathtakingly gorgeous.  Our highest point was 611 meters above sea level.  A beautiful river, flowing with water, which is not always the case here, windmills, both old and new, orchards and vineyards, four tiny villages nestled in the valleys, cork forest, pine forest, and all the wonderful scents that come with that.

Off in the distance, we could see many windmills,  most of them gently whirring.  They had the air of gentle giants watching over the landscape.

The mountainside, the forest floors, and even the dirt path we walked on were dotted with all kinds of flora, in various states of bloom.  I was in heaven with some of the things I saw today.

At times it felt a bit surreal to look forward and see the tiny dots of villages we knew we had to eventually walk through and then suddenly, we found ourselves looking back at the tiny dots of villages we had passed.  It was a reminder at times of how much territory we were actually covering.

We were now very close to the end of the hike (and our energy).  Our picnic long since forgotten and burned off!!!

What a day it was.  We were both well worn and tired but elated.  The drive home was relatively quiet and reflective.  The mountain route seemed a little more winding that when we drove it in the morning, a sign of the fatigue and elation I think.

And finally, we arrived home.  As I walked toward the gate to the quinta I had the distinct impression I was being spied upon.  I stopped to have a look around………


5 thoughts on “Don Quixote Trail

  1. Fantastic..quite a hike!


  2. What a gorgeous hike you enjoyed today. The wind mills reminded me of the hillside in California. There’s just something so tranquil about them. Such beautiful flowers today and you’re right about that purple flower with its artistic center moving me. I love how simplistic life there seems to be. Sigh !!!


    1. You’re right there with me on all the hikes I take. You would love it.


  3. Mother Earth has certainly cast a favourable eye on the Don Quixote Trail…the flowers never fail amaze me! Glad you once again enjoyed your little piece of Heaven and walked us through it!
    Hugs, P


    1. My hips today feel as if I rode Don Quixote’s donkey through the mountains!!!! LOL.

      I’m guessing you are counting down the minutes about now. Won’t be much longer and you too will be here.


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