Around Home….Relaxing Walks

We’ve been enjoying incredible weather with sunny blue skies, immense sunshine, and scents, scents, scents.   It’s impossible right now to go anywhere without having to stop and seek out the source of “what is that amazing scent”!!!  It’s not quite spring yet, but you’d never know it.

I got out of the car yesterday and this scent hit me….WHAM.

As I was driving home today from an errand, I noticed a large patch of freesia tucked around the corner of a wall.  As soon as I parked and dropped off my purchases, I grabbed my camera and headed off to take a few shots for my sister, JoAnn.   She adores these and if she could, she’d have them growing in her house on a regular basis.  And so…..for you JoAnn…

Today was the beginning of Carnivale here in this corner of the world and sadly I didn’t have my camera with me when I headed off for my Portuguese lesson as it was interrupted with the sound of merriment and children’s voices.  Turns out it was the children’s Carnivale parade.   Bees, angels, ballerinas, clowns, witches, you name it, I saw it.  Sadly, these are my only two photos related to the activity.

I did enjoy the day, despite a couple of obstacles that needed to be resolved…… somebody trying to charge 7000,00 euros on my credit card resulting in my card being canceled.  Here are a few of my favourite shots from my wanderings.

And therein lays my last couple of days.  Right now the sound of a cork being removed from a bottle has my attention………life is grand!

4 thoughts on “Around Home….Relaxing Walks

  1. Ohhhhhh yes!!!!!! How I wish my computer was scratch and sniff!!!!! LOL I sat here looking at your main photo, willing myself to smell those Freesia. Thank you for posting them, they made my day.

    Sounds like my kinda day, easy as they come, relaxing and enjoying my surroundings.

    I’d love to smell those orange blossoms as well. 🙂

    If I were there I’d be going up to those goats to see if I could interact with them. lol

    No people pictures today, I’m not sure that’s happened before on your blog.

    Love and hugs from the Freesia loving one.


    1. I knew you’d love those and yes, with certainty, we’d find you over with the goats!


  2. Randy, thanks so much for sharing your days in the beautiful Algarve. I don’t often comment but I never miss reading your blog – sometimes two and three times when you’ve been on a hike!


    1. Thanks Debbie. That gives me great pleasure to know to enjoy them. I thought of you on this last hike as it was quite demanding at times and given it was just over 20 km, it made me think of you and the camino day after day. My poor hips were complaining all the next day!!!


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