It’s That Time of the Year Already!

A gorgeous hot and sunny day for Carnivale!!   Makes many people, me included , quite happy.   The plan was to head towards Moncarapacho, lunch with Bonnie and Ken then onward to the parade in Moncarapacho.  Sadly, Patricia is home sick with a cold bug, Marc is sick with vertigo, Laurie is off with friends for a day trip, and so our numbers diminished.  In the end it was Ken, Bonnie, Diane and me.  Still loads of fun.

I started off the day with a wonderful hike down the pousada road then back up into the mountains.  Hunting season is over now and that meant the mountain was available for hiking without worry of being shot at!!

Once home I noticed the reflections in the pool and thought it was an interesting shot.


And THIS, is as close as I will get to the deep end!!!


Diane and I headed off to Bonnie and Ken’s place, enjoyed a lovely walk through the countryside and lunch on the patio at Maria’s, a place we went a couple of times last year.  Delicious roasted pork leg……yummy.  A grand gab fest and catch up then off to Moncarapacho.


We’ve opted for the more low key local parade this year instead of the usual hype and overly commercialized parade at Loule.   We weren’t disappointed, lots of fun and colourful.  I’ll simply let the photos do the talking.

We all enjoyed it very much….the music, energy, laughter, throngs of people, happy children and noticeably, for the first time, very few dogs.  People are finally realizing that bringing their pets to these kinds of congested events is perhaps not a good idea.

And so another wonderful day and another marvelous festival comes to a close in Portugal.


10 thoughts on “It’s That Time of the Year Already!

  1. Missed a good one! Always lots of fun! Great photos Rand.


  2. Incredible day. Incredible company. What a glorious life we live. Woohoo.


  3. Reminds me of the yearly festivals in the Caribbean. Full of costumes and colour. Happy you 4 had a good time but sorry to hear that 2 of your party were sick. Laurie seems to be MIA lol Hope she’s having fun.


    1. Great time. The energy is amazing. You would love it.


  4. Oh, I love the scent jasmine gives off, it’s my next favourite after Freesia.
    The underpass area reminded me of the old mill in Glovertown, my old party place while growing up.

    God how I’d love to be in that pool right now. LOL at you ‘in’ the deep end.

    The local parade looked like a blast!! All the colour and activity looked like fun. They seem to like stilts a lot there, I have no idea how they manage to stay up on them. LOL

    Another wonderful day in Portugal.

    Love and Hugs.


    1. Yes and keep in mind, while walking on stilts they are also on cobblestone streets!!!! And they didn’t just walk on them, they were dancing also!!


  5. What a fun day! I laiughed at Lady Gaga as her telephone looked vaguely familiar! Two more sleeps! xoxo


    1. LOL, yes they did look familiar didn’t they! We should have borrowed one for you.


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