Rain and Nostalgia

We have had very little precipitation since our arrival in November and the Algarve is thirsty!  It called for rain yesterday and it didn’t show up.  A small downpour overnight, just enough to tease, and today, although very gray and foreboding, still nothing other than the occasional drizzle.

Marc is still recovering from his recent bout of vertigo and I was feeling antsy and thought that a lovely walk along the salt flats, into Fuzeta and vicinity, would help.  I was totally right in my assessment!!

The sea birds were in abundance and vocally energetic.   They made for wonderful company as I trudged along, not a body in sight.  I keep recalling incidents from trips past and the many times I enjoyed that walk with Gwen, Diane, Pat, Gary, Pat, Marc, James, Bonnie, Beverley, David, alone….and probably a few others.  Had a few little smirks thinking of some of the moments!

Once I crossed the flats I decided to continue into Fuzeta, walk down to the sea, along the sand, and around the harbour and back across the flats.  I had forgotten that today is mardi gras and consequently, almost everything was closed.  A few children in costume near the main square but otherwise, very quiet.  I loved it.

I popped into the grocery for a moment to see if they sell a wine I am looking for, no luck but happily they also have a bathroom!!!  Wise for the walk back I thought!!

Once I returned to the car in Arroteria I decided to poke my nose into a tiny alcove of houses that I’ve visited a few times over the years.  They have developed a tiny park area and the colours were wonderful.

As I walked back to the car a curious, but usually timid blackbird was watching me.  They tend to move quickly but I managed to catch him.


Further along the journey home, I always like to check out roads I haven’t been on before, I came across a few things that begged to be photographed.


And finally, this wonderful flowering foxtail agave…….I love them


A perfect way to spend an overcast day.  It didn’t rain but at times there was a lovely gentle mist in the air.  Hopefully tonight we finally get some much needed rain, if not, tomorrow looks promising.

And here I am…..writing THIS blog….compliments of my husband.


3 thoughts on “Rain and Nostalgia

  1. Thanks for the photo and name of the foxtail agave. We just saw a couple today and I had no idea what they were.


  2. Great photos Randy! I too love the foxtail agave….it’s gorgeous!


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