March Madness

Our friend Patricia Matthews has arrived in the sunny Algarve.  We are delighted as is she.  She has officially kissed winter weather goodbye and is thrilled to be getting her vitamin D directly from the source again!

Wednesday marked the kickoff of the second annual Secret Marathon — a three-kilometre race held during the week of International Women’s Day.

The run gets its name from a documentary about the first marathon held in Afghanistan, the route of which was kept secret to avoid being a target for terrorist groups.  A group of us had signed up to walk together here in Portugal and once we gave Pat some time to settle in, we headed off to the salt flats near to Fuzeta to walk the three kilometers.

We headed back to Fuzeta, located Pat, who was relaxing in the sun, big smile on her face and enjoying a coffee at a seaside bar.  We all ordered something and sat around gabbing and laughing, a very taxing activity here in the Algarve!!!

Today our plan was to head to Cacela Velha for the Mercandinho da Primavera (Spring Market).  Scheduled for 10h30 – 17h30.  Marc was experiencing another bad bout of vertigo, therefore, opted to stay home and rest up.  Off we three headed, going to meet the others there.

Cacela Velha is always a lovely spot. Sadly, the market, not so much!!!  It wasn’t on!!!  Nobody and nothing to indicate anything was happening.  I checked the guide book as soon as I arrived home and happily, it wasn’t me.  For whatever reason, it simply didn’t go ahead.  Didn’t stop us from enjoying a lovely walk about and an impromptu afternoon in Vila Real de Santo Antonio!

We headed on to Vila Real de Santo Antonio, parked the car at the ferry terminal and walked into the core of the old city to find a patio, relax over lunch and then a couple of hours of wandering in and out of some of the stores.  It was a fun way to pass a few hours.

A wonderful easy first day for Pat here in the Algarve.  I knew she was tired when she walked away from all those stores….empty handed!!!!!   And so, we are home, lovely fire in the woodstove for ambience, great music, I’m just putting a tray of piri piri chicken in the oven and all is good in our world.

The jasmine is home to a myriad of creatures. This happy little bug was basking in the morning sunshine.


10 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. Julie Buchowski March 7, 2019 — 9:02 pm

    wow DO give my regards to all but a special big hug for Pat, my dearest cousin. So glad she is there for you to enjoy and spoil! Your news is like a shot of sunshine daily…i shall drink deeply and often.


    1. Will most certainly pass along a hug to Patricia. Thanks for your comments.


  2. Lovely to finally catch up with your blog (very busy here) and to see Pat in the pictures. Wishing you all a wonderful time together.
    It might be very cold here but the sunshine is divine. No flowers though…


    1. Merci Joëlle, She is very happy to be here, hasn’t stopped smiling since stepping off the plane! I’m guessing flowers will soon be showing up in Canada, at least let’s hope so. Keep well and thanks for following along.


  3. Thank you, Randy and Marc, for such a warm welcome, and a delightful first couple of days! I already feel ‘at home’ …love you, P


    1. Wait till we hand you the mop and bucket…..then you’ll feel at home.


  4. This is International Women’s day. No housework allowed.


    1. LOL…..there is, of course, tomorrow!


      1. Tomorrow is Saturday. No work on week-ends. I am looking after Pat you see!


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