Dribs and Drabs

The weather here has continued to be extremely warm with blue skies and easy, lazy, days.   We’ve spent time wandering around Estoi, slowly getting Pat oriented to the fact that “all roads lead to Rome”.  Participated in her first Olhão market, and today, a festival in the mountains in the tiny village of Vaqueiros..  Feira do Pao Quente e Queijo Fresco…Festival of Hot Bread and Fresh Cheese.

The Olhão market was packed, almost a bit overwhelming.  I can’t imagine how congested it must be in the summer months.   Not for me.

We decided to head off to the beach and enjoyed a few hours in the sand at Faro.  The funny thing was, just as we were leaving, Pat, Gary, Andrea, and Warren were arriving! How amusing to bump into good friends in a foreign country….especially given we were invited to their place for dinner later that night!

Today’s festival, which we attended a couple of years ago, and were looking forward to this year, was such fun.  It turned out that only Pat M, Pat K, Laurie, and I ended up going.  The drive was wonderful, winding mountain roads, mountainside covered in wildflowers, dancing wildly in the breeze.  The sky, the deep gorgeous Portuguese blue that is truly unique to this part of the world.

Many vendors, all offering a variety of handmade products from food to jewelry to furniture.

We finished our wanderings, enjoyed our hot chorizo buns and fresh cheese on the church steps then decided to head off.  The questio…do we head home or do we head to Alcoutim?   Alcoutim won quickly.

What a grand and glorious few days it’s been.   Marc just walked into the room and told  he had sad news to share…..he’d just checked the forecast and it’s going to be in the mid 20’s for the next week or so!!!!!

And last but not least…..Pat M has made a few new friends.


1 thought on “Dribs and Drabs

  1. Grand times in the Algarve! Thanks for driving Randy.


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